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Abraham; Abiding in God; Abundant Living; Accountability; Balance; Believing God; Bitterness; Changes; Christ-like; Christian Living; Christmas; The Church; Commitment; Community; Conflict; Contentment; Crisis; The Cross;

Death and Dying; Deception; DiscipleshipDiscipline; Discouragement; Divorce; Dominion; Dreams Fulfilled; Easter; Encouragement; End Times; Evangelism; Faith; False Teachers; Family; Fear NotFellowship; Finding God; Following JesusForgiveness; Giving; God’s Goodness; God’s Love; God our Father; God’s Purpose; God’s Will; God’s WordGreed; Harvesting the Field; Healing; Hearing God; High Calling; Holy Spirit; Jonah; Joy; 

Knowing God; Laughter; Leadership; Lifestyle; Love; Ministry; Miracles; Money; Obedience; Occult; Overcoming Adversity; Patience; Persecution; Persistence; Praise; PrayerProphecy; Reconciliation; Rejection;

Repentance;  Resurrection; Righteousness; Sacrifice; Salvation; Sexual Immorality; Shalom; Sin; Spiritual Adventure; Spiritual Authority; Spiritual Maturity; Suffering; Testimony; Thanksgiving; Trials;  Trusting God; TruthUnity; Usefulness; Worry; Worship.



The Lord will Provide — Jamie teaches on the story of Abraham and God’s promise to his people through one man’s obedience. (October 1981)


Abiding in God

If God Lives in You — Because of Calvary we are co-heirs with Jesus and we bear the name of God. All he has is also ours to have. (September 23, 1990)


Abiding in the Shadow of the Almighty — Jamie asks five foundational questions regarding your walk with the Lord, then he moves on to teach on what it means to abide in the shadow of the Almighty. God wants to bring us to the place where there is nothing else we need but his presence. (Sept. 11, 1977)


Abundant Living

Who Are You? — In order to move forward with your relationship with God you must know two spiritual keys: 1, you must know who God is; and 2, you must know who you are. These things must be firmly planted in you mind for you to move forward and grow spiritually. (April 23, 1978)


Live Life to the Fullest — Jesus said He came so we can have life to the fullest. He is talking about the restoration of that life which was ours originally but was stolen by Satan. It all boils down to our having authority, through Jesus Christ, over Satan. (June 14, 1987)


Crossing into Jordan — Jamie teaches that God wants us to experience peace, joy and happiness now. We don’t have to wait to die but Jesus paid the price for us to have an abundant life today. So many of us cross the Jordan but are unwilling to step further into the Promised land we have been given. God’s promises are available today but we must be willing to take them and make them ours. (January 1977)



Draw Near to Jesus — Jamie shares from his heart on some issues facing his home church in Florida. He then moves to discuss the  importance of remaining transparent and being accountable to God. (Tape 1 of 2 from Eastside Foursquare Church, Bothell, Wash., May 1987) 



The Balance of Law and Grace — Jesus said it’s the attitude of the heart that he is far more concerned with, not legalities like ceremonial activities or traditions. We may like our traditions, our ceremonies, and our “laws.” Yet, God never intended the Mosaic laws to be a bondage, and keeping them ritualistically is not the same as allowing the Holy Spirit to enter us and open our hearts for change. (Sept. 23, 1979)


Believing God

Believing God — Just weeks after his cancer diagnosis, Jamie teaches what he heard from God. He states that we are not to give God orders. We are not to tell God what to do. Don’t claim healing, claim God. Want God only, then trust Him to do what He wants to do. God does not want to hurt us or scare us. Trust God and fear not. (July 1990)


I Believe God — We have a hard time believing God in this day and age. We hope and we wish, but that is not the same as believing God and believing in His faithfulness. Jesus taught us to come to him as would a little child, stand on the Word of God, and just believe. (May 1991)


Believe God — Physical healing is part of the atoning work of Jesus. Faith is believing that when God speaks He always speaks truth. If you believe what God says, then the promises of God are yours: Promises of healing and promises of prosperity. It shall be on earth as it is in heaven when we believe God. (Sept. 1991)



Qualifications for Ministry — Who is fit or unfit for the ministry? Jamie talks about Simon the Sorcerer from Acts 8. Because of the bitterness in his heart he was rebuked by Peter and John and not allowed to minister. Even though he had become a Christian and was baptized, he still had bitterness and that is what disqualified him to minister. (May 31, 1987)


Pulling up the Bitter Root– Speaking to a gathering in Phoenix, Jamie shares on the principle that if you are going to be effective as a Christian, you must have a clean heart, without bitterness toward anyone. If you have bitterness or forgiveness, God will give you the ability to forgive that person and pull up that bitter root which entangles you. (1983)



New Beginnings — God makes all things new and he is building on the past to do that, past successes as well as failures, and He is moving forward. We must move with Him. (January 15, 1984)


Transition by Power — As we come to the end of something, the year, a day, a relationship, or anything else, the only way you can receive the power of God to move on is by looking forward and not looking back. (Dec. 28, 1986) 


You Are Fast Becoming What You Already Are — People don’t really change just because they grow older. Instead, they emerge. Who they really are is magnified with age. You are what you are to the day you die, unless, somewhere along the way to old age, you are changed. Jesus will change you and forgive you of your sinful attitudes. Otherwise, you will always be who you are now. (Dec. 11, 1988)


Keeping Your Fountain Flowing — God has given us the fountain of life. However, it is in the spiritual realm. You can’t see it, taste it or smell it. But if your fountain is not clean, it can stop flowing and grow stagnant. Jamie identifies several issues that can block your spiritual fountain from flowing. (Jan. 16, 1977)


Going Through the Rapids — Jamie gets honest regarding some of his failings in dealing properly with issues and transitions in the body of the Tabernacle Church. He asks the church to hang on as we run the rapids because God is preparing something great and wonderful ahead. He uses the book of Joel to draw comparisons and make his points. (October 1987)


Not Easy to be a Tree — Jamie teaches from Joshua 1:13 and the new things of God. When God brings us into a new dimension of our life, He gives us rest, and peace and with that comes the expectation of change. (January 1989)



Having the Character of ChristThe essence of our Christian life is growing in the character of Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit working in us and He will do this for us, indeed, but we have to cooperate with Him. Plus, we must be informed and know what He intends to do so we won’t become discouraged when He uses some strange method to grow us up in His character. (August 14, 1977)


Conforming to the Image of God’s Son God wants to do something incredible in our lives. He wants to burn out of us everything that is not pure. He wants us to be conformed to the image of Jesus. (Sept. 1976)


Be Who You Are — In a Father’s Day message and using Jonah as an example, Jamie says “our purpose on earth is to be made into the image of Jesus. When you understand that, you understand that everything that happens to you has a purpose — to conform you to the image of Christ.” (June 1991)


Christian Living

How Do You Smell? — According to the scriptures, we are the fragrance of life or of death and it all depends on the person who smells us. We give off an odor to everyone we meet. We have a specific fragrance which others notice and it comes from something way down deep in our spirit. (Dec. 4, 1977)


What is a Christian? — Jamie explains that being a Christian is to simply being a person who is controlled and dominated by the Lord Jesus Christ. A Christian is not someone who does certain things on Sunday morning and does not do certain things on Saturday night. A Christian is just someone living a life managed by Jesus Christ. That’s all. Extremely religious people have added many, many things to what we think the definition of a Christian is. But a Christian is simply someone who has given himself over, completely, to being controlled by the Spirit of God. (Oct. 23, 1983)


Gold Medal Christians — God is calling us into excellence. If you are baptized in the Holy Spirit you have no excuse not to operate in excellence—with your body, your job, your devotional life, your family. God wants us to be gold medal Christians, to do the best with what we have on the racetrack that stretches out in front of us. (August 5, 1984)


Winners with Jesus — God wants us to be and to act as winners. When you are filled with the Holy Spirit there is a security that comes on the inside that no man can move you from where you are. Jesus was that kind of man. We are to walk on this earth as winners with a deep security of who we are in Christ. (June 9, 1985)


How to be a Christian in a Godless Society — As Christians on this earth we are in the midst of a godless society. All the world around us is under Satan’s power and his control. But we have a balm in the presence of the Holy Spirit and we can live in this world in victory and with joy. Let’s be very careful we don’t become judgmental but show forgiveness and the love of Christ to this fallen world.  (Feb. 12, 1978)


Half-baked Christians — How easy is it to not turn over every aspect of our life to Christ, or worse, to go backwards. You may appear good and righteous on one side, but look behind you. You are half-baked. You have failed to expose all sides of your life to the fire of the Holy Spirit. (Jan. 13, 1985)


Be A WitnessWe are all called to give testimony as to what God has done in our lives. Not everyone is required to be an evangelists, but all Christians are called to testify to the goodness of God. He has placed you where you are in order to be a witness for Jesus, to testify what you have seen and share your experiences so others may know God as well. (Grace Baptist, High Point, NC., — Feb. 22, 1983)


Authentic Christianity — God is calling us to be authentic. He is calling His Church to be real, not like the Pharisees who were hypocrites, pretending to be righteous when actually their hearts were full of evil. If you truly want to be real it can only be done through the power of the Holy Spirit. Otherwise you live as a fake, a fraud, pretending you are something you are not. (February 1981)


50 Years of Quality — On his 50th birthday, Jamie teaches on what he feels God expects from him for the rest of his life. This includes 5 specific applications that include prayer, excellence, discipline, vision and above all else, pleasing our Father in Heaven. (March 1982)


Be A Witness — God has called every Christian to be a witness, not just with words but with our life. We are called to speak the word of the Lord to others, but we are also called to live according to His will. On both accounts, what we say and how we live our lives are to be truthful witnesses unto the Lord. (September 1982)


Weather Vanes and Wind Machines God does not allow us the luxury of knowing the future. Instead, in preparation for the future and the life ahead He has in store for us, He is calling us to do today what He has given us to do, today. (Jan. 1981)


The Circular Quality of Life — In this Mother’s Day message, Jamie tells us not to be worried about the daily grinds and routines of life. It is circular, but God is building character and purpose in us all. (May 1983)


A Risky Walk – Jamie teaches on several spiritual truths including: (1) How a task is done is more important to God than whether it is completed or not. (2) To be kind is more important that being right. (3) It is possible to be supernaturally led by God and protected by God yet still miss His purpose for your life. – From Christian Believers United conference, Montreat, N.C. (November 1975)



Christmas Eve Service (Home for Christmas) — In this special Christmas Eve service, Jamie talks about what it means to be home for Christmas. What mystical longing calls us home for this time of the celebration of the birth of Christ? (December 1981)


God With UsIn this Christmas message, Jamie teaches how God is seeking communion with us. In fact, He wants a relationship with us more than we could ever want one with him. And Christmas is His expression of making that personal relationship with Him come to pass. And with that relationship comes everything He has for us from heaven. (December 1990)


Home for Christmas — In this Christmas Eve message, Jamie teaches that the Bible is a book about family. From the Garden of Eden all the way through, the Bible focuses on family, relationships, and the fact that we were not created to be alone. God wants a relationship with us and the church is the family of God. Jesus came that we might be totally accepted into the family of God. (December 1989)


New Beginnings — In this Christmas message, Jamie relates what Christmas is really all about. It’s about the living Christ and a time of new beginnings for us all. (December 1986)


Church, The

God is Shaking the Church — We must expect God to shake His church. Our challenge is to lay down everything ungodly. Because if we don’t lay it down, God may just will forcefully remove it. God doesn’t want people building their own kingdoms. He wants people who are willing to build the kingdom of God. (March 29, 1987) 


Catholic and Pentecostal — When I was a young boy my parents said there were two types of people to stay away from – Catholics and Pentecostals. But as I have grown in the Spirit, I now realize that you are my brother or sister if you call Jesus Lord and Savior and are committed to following His ways. (May 19, 1991)


Common Sense and Sea Shells — Jamie explores the parable of the 10 virgins. The real lesson in this parable is everybody needs spiritual reserves. Will we have enough to stand and wait or will our spiritual reserves run out when crisis hits? Expand your capacity and develop spiritual character. (November 9, 1980)


Church and State– We are citizens of two worlds. The U.S. is not a Christian nation because there is no such thing as a Christian nation in this world. We are called out of the world and God’s kingdom is within each of us. It’s not a matter of politics. (June 21, 1987)


The Challenge of the Impossible — At a Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship retreat on Jekyll Island, Georgia, Jamie shares how the church, God’s people, must be ready and willing to move when God moves. We must be willing to forego our traditions if that is what is holding us back from a deeper relationship with God. (Jekyll Island, Georgia, February 1974)



Breakthrough to Important Goals –Jamie teaches on how with God’s help and our dedication and commitment we can achieve the important goals God has for each of us. (April 1984)



Community — Jamie talks how God is leading the body of Christ in Melbourne to live in community with each other. Not only will we be reaching out to the unsaved world but we will grow in our spiritual maturity. (April 9, 1978)


Reaction and Recovery — Jesus commands us to live peaceably with each other. But to do that we must deal with root issues like anger, bitterness, greed and pride. In order to follow even the most basic commands of Jesus, to love our neighbors as ourselves, we must have our roots deep into the Holy Spirit and continually draw from his power. (April 16, 1978)



Jacob or Israel? — We each have a Jacob and an Israel inside us—a desire to please self and a desire to please God. This represents the great conflict within us. But God wants to integrate us into one character, so we are not in conflict with ourselves, but we can serve God and still hold on to our individuality and uniqueness. (March 19, 1978)


Creative Conflicts — Jamie states that in the life of the Christian we live our life on three levels: the achieving mode, the relational mode, and the being or personal mode. God has designed our life for each of these levels, or modes, to be lived in balance with each other, and there is a danger if we live exclusively in one or the other. (Liberty Church, Pensacola, Florida — Oct. 2, 1984)



Snake Bit Discontentment is terrible. In fact, the Bible indicates that if you are discontent, you are without faith and sinning. God knows where you are. He has you where you are for a purpose and He has a plan for your life. (September 1991)



What do you do with Mountains? (Caleb) — What do you do with the mountains in your life? Jamie shares three instances in the scriptures in which physical mountains are referenced as being the spiritual obstacles before us and how God instructs us to deal with them throughout our life. (November 20, 1988)


Crisis — How do you not be afraid when the worst crisis hits you? If you are where God wants you to be , there is no need to fear. And if you are where he wants you to be, it’s God business what happens. He is in charge of your life. (November 10, 1991)



Cross, The

Marked with the Cross — The person of the cross does not live with one foot in the world and one foot in the kingdom. He is a kingdom person. We may be caught in the world but we take our stand as a kingdom person when things get tough. Taking up the cross means laying down certain things, it means taking up certain things, and it means following Christ in all things. (August 10, 1980)


Victory in the Cross Life — Jamie teaches on being victorious in Jesus and how we must die to self in order to find life. (March 1985)


Death and Dying

How to Get Ready to Die — We all face death. It is inevitable. The scriptures say life is a mist that appears for a little while then vanishes.  But life as a Christian is really a process of learning how to be ready to die.  (November 1978) (Get the booklet here)


What is That to You?Jamie shares six lessons about dying and how Christians glorify God not only in life but through our death as well. “The way or method of a person’s death is immaterial if that person is following Jesus,” Jamie says. “All that matters is if we are following Jesus.” (May 1991) 


Time Fulfilled Jamie teaches on the mysteries of death and the fact that each of our lives are in the hands of God. (September 1990)


When Your Prayers Go Unanswered Jamie shares what we as Christians are to do when it turns out that God’s plans for our life are different from our hopes or our dreams for our life. What does the Bible say about facing reality? What do the scriptures tell us about trials and tribulations that we all experience? What happens when things go wrong? How do we overcome the great disappointments in life? (From Tulsa Christian Fellowship, Tulsa, OK, September 1977) (Get the booklet here)


How to Raise the Dead (Power over Death) Jamie teaches that as Christians we are to walk into every situation, even the so called impossible ones, believing that God not only can change it, but desires to change it, even if we cannot see any possible way for it to happen. (January 1979)



Deception — Satan is seeking to deceive us so we can be led away from God’s will in our lives. Using Psalm 19 Jamie gives 6 standards on how to escape the deceptions of Satan. (Tape 3 (parts 1 and 2) of 5 from St. Giles Presbyterian, Charlotte, N.C. 1974) Get the book, The Brightness of Your Rising, here)

(Part 1)
(Part 2)



Discipleship – Jamie teaches on the concept of discipleship as a means of teaching or learning, but that the higher way is through divine revelation. Discipleship under Jesus is designed to bring us to an independent relationship with God the Father. (April 1977)



Live a Disciplined Life (Practical Principles for End Times)God has marvelous things for each of us to do, but we will never get any of it done unless we are well disciplined. If you want to be an effective Christian you must commit yourself to a disciplined life. (April 1981)



Victory over Discouragement — Most of us, time to time, have a problem with discouragement. Jamie gives several key points, taken from 2 Corinthians chapter 4, how we, as Christians, can keep from being discouraged in our walk with Christ. (May 1977)



Divorce in the Kingdom — Jamie talks openly about what the Bible has to say about divorce. Divorce is not necessarily a sin, but it is an admission of failure which stems from sin. Divorce is like abortion. When two become one, it’s against Kingdom principles to break them apart. Yet the same God who forgives abortion will also heal wounds caused by divorce. (July 3, 1977)



We Have Dominion Today — In Genesis, when God said we are to rule over every living thing, He was speaking to the very core of our existence, all the way down to every cell in our body. We are to have dominion over everything that has life. (Christian Believers United tape #1748, Montreat, NC., November 22, 1985)


Grace in Darkness — If Christ rules on the throne of your life then no demonic power can come against you. We have dominion over all Satanic forces. (October 9, 1988)


Dominion — It is God’s intention that His people rule this planet and that includes having dominion over Satan. Jesus came to restore to us the dominion we once had in the Garden, over all the things in and of this world. (Tape 2 of 5 from St. Giles Presbyterian, Charlotte, N.C. 1974) Get the book, The Brightness of Your Rising, here)


Dreams Fulfilled

How Dreams Come True Jamie teaches on the desires of our heart and how God wants to fulfill our dreams, as long as they are in line with His will for our lives. He also discusses the first steps to becoming like Jesus. (Tape 1 of 4 in the series from Graceland Baptist Church, New Albany, Indiana, April 1990) (Get the book, A Spirit-led Life, here.)


Flowers With Faces We all have dreams of doing great and wonderful things for the Lord. Don’t take them lightly. Cherish them. Even when things don’t seem to be working out right or taking a very long time, hold on to the dreams God has given you. Offer them to the Lord and He will bless them. You can trust Him with your dreams because He put them in your heart in the first place. (December 1981)


A God of Encouragement — Jamie shares about how the Holy Spirit will help fulfill our God given dreams if we will allow him to fill us and use us. When the Holy Spirit comes into our lives, He activities the dreams that God placed there from the very beginning of time. (Romford, England — 1985)



Interfacing with Eternity — In this Easter message, Jamie says the resurrection of Jesus Christ is at the center of everything we do and live. Everything else falls to pieces. There is no life any place else. The resurrection is what makes the gospel of Jesus come alive. Otherwise it’s just a dead system of ethics. A religion. Christianity is not a religion. (April 3, 1983)


Seated on a Donkey — In this Palm Sunday message Jamie explains that Jesus was not distracted by the palm-waving crowds as he made his triumphal entry into Jerusalem. He kept his eyes on that hill outside the city where in a few days he would be crucified. Similarly, we are to also resist distractions from our godly callings and remain focused on the cross. (March 27, 1983) 


Death has Lost its Stinger — In this Easter Sunday message Jamie states that for the Christian there is no reason to fear death. Nor do we have to die to begin to experience heaven. Still, life is but a proving ground for the glorious things to come if we make the rights choices while on earth. (March 26, 1978) 


Symbol of Freedom — In this Easter morning service, Jamie discusses some of the various symbols that have represented Christianity across the centuries, including the earliest found in the Roman catacombs. But more than a symbol, what’s important is our relationship with Jesus, who became a fragrant offering unto God, the aroma of which still lingers in the world today. (April 11, 1982)


Easter in the Park Jamie preaches to an Easter morning outdoor gathering of the Tabernacle on the death of Jesus and his resurrection. (April 15, 1990)



Changes – (Senior Saints) – Jamie teaches on the principle that no matter how old we are God wants us to be useful in His Kingdom. In fact, the older we are the more we have to offer in terms of spiritual wisdom and life experiences. We are never too old to serve. (From CBU 1986) (Get the book here)


When You Are Born Ugly! – Jamie teaches on the story of Laban’s two daughters, Rachel, who is beautiful, and Leah, who is not. And of Jacob, who desired Rachel but was tricked into marrying Leah. Yet, God had a plan for Leah. (August 1989) (Get the book here)


Apples of Gold Jamie teaches that we need to be an encouragement to each other and not bring others down by negative or discouraging words. (September 1987)


End Times

Come Quickly Lord Jesus Jamie discusses several simple things the Bible says about end times and the second coming of Jesus. (December 1990)


Risky Living Worldliness focuses on things of time, rather than on things eternal. Anything that focuses on the things of time is worldly. We must set our affections on things above, on things eternal. (September 1988)


The New Wine The scriptures tell us, in the last days, there will be an increasing polarization between the spiritual and the carnal. There will be a great falling away but also the Holy Spirit will fall on all flesh and we are seeing evidence of that today. (Tape 1 of 2 – Lake Junaluska, N.C., August 1975)



You are the Light of the World Jamie teaches that God has a plan and a purpose for your life. He is the one who has placed in your heart certain and specific dreams and ambitions to serve Him. From time to time we may need to re-cultivate the dreams God placed in our heart, look at those dreams and put aside all talk of impossible obstacles and soar once again in our concepts of what God wants for us — to be His light in this dark and fallen world. (Fall 1976)



Through Suffering — How do we have faith as we go through periods of suffering? Faith is knowing God is with us through it all. Faith welcomes God’s purpose for us regardless of our circumstances. (February 21, 1988) (NOTE: a small segment of this recording is poor quality beginning at about the 19-minute mark and lasting for about 5 minutes.)


Royal Priesthood — Faith moves us into eternal life. It brings us into the fullness of the Christian life as a holy and delivered people. So if you live in God’s ways and keep His commands, you will live in holiness and the Lord your God will bless you. (February 24, 1985)


God is in Control (Lessons from Habakkuk) Jamie draws lessons for today from the book of Habakkuk. The Old Testament book is full of Habakkuk’s complaints yet it ends with a song. God teaches Habakkuk three critical spiritual lessons that are applicable for Christians today. (May 1976) (Get the book here)


Source of Life – Jamie teaches on what to do when you receive bad news. This message is taken from his sermon the week after he received his diagnosis of inoperable cancer. (July 1990)


False Teachers

True and False Teachers — Jamie focuses on the warnings in the Bible regarding false teachers, yet how we as Christians must first learn to live in this world as Christ did — expressing agape love. (Tape 1 of 5 from St. Giles Presbyterian, Charlotte, N.C. 1974) (Get the book, The Brightness of Your Rising, here)



Honoring Our Parents — In this Mother’s Day message, Jamie shares of the importance and benefits of honoring our parents as commanded by God. We should make things right with our parents and that may start by forgiving them. God will honor your efforts as you honor your parents. ( May 11, 1986)


Here is Your Mother — In this mother’s day message, Jamie references the words of Jesus on the cross telling John to take care of His mother. “If the Christian gospel has any meaning at all” Jamie states. “It means family is forever. It must be a priority for us to honor our parents as they grow older.” (May 1981)


Priorities for FathersJamie teaches on making proper choices when it comes to setting proper priorities for families. He lists six key points important to maintaining a Godly approach when raising a family that is pleasing to the Lord. (June 1983)


The Spirit of Adoption — Jamie teaches that God as adopted us into the Kingdom of God as children of God, joint heirs with Christ. (December 1991)


Fear Not

Meeting God at Every Corner Life is full of changes, corners to take, events to walk through. Yet, around every corner, God is there waiting for us. He is with us now and He is there ahead of us. We have nothing to fear, because He is always with us. (January 1, 1984)


Releasing Fear All throughout the Bible God is telling his people to not be afraid. God wants to break the stronghold our fears have on us. He is calling to us to look to Jesus and to break the bondage fear has on our lives. Stop focusing on our problems and start looking to Jesus. (February 5, 1984)


Released from Fear Jamie, with the assistance of two of his grandchildren, demonstrates how Christians are to be child-like in our approach to God, and in doing so we can be fearless, because God is love and perfect love casts out fear. (July 1986)



Walk Together — Jamie teaches that God did not send Jesus to condemn the world, but to save the world. And as such, we need to follow his example and not condemn others. He then asks the question, so how should we treat people, especially other Christians, who we disagree with doctrinally? Should we and how do we maintain fellowship with them? (May 1990)


Homesick for God — Jamie speaks to a group at a Camp Farthest Out (CFO) in Wilmington, N.C. — Every Christian yearns for the courts of God, the things of God. Even though we have never been there, we are homesick for heaven because of our relationship with God the Father. (May 1984)


Finding God

Our Mission to Kiss Frogs Jamie teaches from Exodus 3 and Moses’ encounter with God through the burning bush. He discusses how the life of every Christian is ordered by God and that nothing happens to the follower of Christ that does not first pass through the hands of God. He concludes with the thought that we are God’s ambassadors, often appearing in the lives of others as a “burning bush,” speaking to them of God’s love. (July 1978)


Following Jesus

The Lordship of Jesus — When you decide to follow Jesus, you voluntarily surrender the right to choose or the power to vary the consequences. Salvation is obedience to Jesus but we cannot follow Jesus on our terms. We can only follow Him by being totally committed to Him and on His terms.  (Tape 4 of 4, January 1974 — Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship, Bradenton, Florida)


No Excuses — Jamie discusses the costs and sacrifices necessary to truly be a follower of Jesus. “God never works on changing our behavior,” Jamie says. “God works on changing our desires. And once our desires are changed, we will do what God wants us to do. That is why following Jesus is risky living.” (October 1991)



When a Christian Takes Advantage of You — What do you do when a Christian betrays you or just plain take advantage of you? It may be someone you have entrusted with your money, or your love, or anything else you might have given them that has value to you. Jamie shares from his own experiences and lists a number of principles we should put into action to address these kinds of situations. (November 25, 1979)


Forgiveness — God has called each of us for a divine purpose. It’s our reason for being alive. But we may never experience that purpose unless we learn to forgive. Our purpose is to allow the love of God to flow through us out into a hurting world. But it will only come to pass as we open our hearts to others by forgiveness. As you forgive others the love of God will flow through you. (1986 – Belfast, Ireland, 2 parts)

Part 1
Part 2


We Must Go Back to Bethel — Jamie teaches on the story of Jacob and how, like Jacob, if we want God’s blessings restored in our lives, we must “return to our Bethel” and dwell with the Lord. He is just and will forgive us. (January 1972)


Failed but not a Failure – Jamie teaches about Jesus’ disciple John Mark and how his early failures were forgiven as his life was transformed by God. (June 1987)



Relinquishment of Control — There is something in each of us that says we can run our own life better than God can.  Yet, the call of God to his people is the call of the shepherd to his sheep. We are to humble ourselves before him, go where he tells us to go, do what he tells us to do, and be who he tells us to be. Jamie also teaches on the purpose of giving and tithing. (1975)


Normal Christian Living — Jamie teaches that being a normal Christian looks to the world like you are being a radical, especially in the area of giving and sharing. Jamie states that good stewardship is taking care of what God has given you, but always under His direction. (June 1989)


God’s Goodness

God Erases Scars — We have a choice on what we fix our mind on. I can fix it on things that are wrong or I can fix it on things that are right. Why allow yourself to focus on the scars of your life when you have so many other areas of healings and good things God has done for you? (December 27, 1987)


The Essentials (for Hearing God) — Jamie teaches on our need to obey the commands of God and how we must not rely on the fact we just go to church as our salvation, but we must go to God. Is it easier to listen to a man talk to us than it is to hear directly from God ourselves? We can listen to a preacher week after week and remain in disobedience to God. But when we approach God, directly, as He desires us to do, He will require obedience. (January 1975) (Get the book here)


Remember, Repent, Rejoice Jamie teaches that God wants you to remember what He has done for you. And as you remember, you will repent. You will repent of not believing and not trusting him. So remember His goodness. Remember how He has met you in every tough place in your life. He has never deserted you or let you down. No matter how tough the situation has been, He has been there before you. So rejoice. He is with you even now. (Dec. 1991)


Good Will Come — Using the story and example of Abigail from 1 Samuel, Jamie gives four specific spiritual truths that will help anyone who is having to live with bad decisions from our past. God will take our previously bad decisions and work them for our eventual good once we place our lives in His hands. (April 1986)


God’s Love

God’s Love Letter — Over the course of history, God has communicated His love for us through a series of love letters. It all started before humans could even write, through the words of Moses, through Jesus on the cross and His sending the Holy Spirit. God has reached out to us again and again, crossing the barrier and bridging the chasm that separated us. The Bible is the record of God’s love letters to His people. (July 29, 1979)


Good News– Jamie tells how God’s will for our lives is always good news for our walk with Him. He uses examples from the scripture indicating that what Jesus’ disciples often thought was bad news was actually very good news for the world. (September 1982)


Abiding in Love — Jamie speaks at New York’s Shea Stadium to a group gathered by Mike Evan of Bnai Yeshua. He asks us to ponder five key questions, the answers to which will tell us a great deal about who we are as Christians and where we stand spiritually. (1978)


God Our Father

The Person of God Our Father — Jamie teaches from his experiences with his own earthly father and relates how we, too, can have a close relationship with our heavenly Father. He goes on to teach that though we can be proud of our earthly heritage we can also be caught up in bondage to it. Instead, as Christians our new heritage is traced only to our Heavenly Father and we should be taking on His characteristics. (Piedmont Prayer Retreat, High Point, NC – Oct. 1978) 


God’s Purpose

Flying Creatures — God says He carries us on eagles’ wings. He protects us. But he also grows us up and instructs us and often that can be a terrifying process. But we are always brought back to safety. God’s purpose for us is always better than anything we could have planned for ourselves. (June 27, 1982)


Purpose — Nothing in the life of a Christian happens by chance. God is working and moving and doing things in our lives and through the things that affect our lives. God is working all the time to prepare us for his Son’s eventual return. The church is His bride and we are being prepared with purpose. (January 27, 1985)


Music Comes From Tension — Everything in the world operates under tension. All music grows out of tension. If there is too little or too much tension, there is disharmony. God knows our proper tuning point and if we are all tuned by the Master Tuner, we can be a marvelous symphony. Whom God loves He puts under tension. (January 5, 1986)


The Purpose of God — God wants our life to be a whole, full, happy, abundant life. And the only way that will happen is when we draw close to God. And to draw close to God means our lives must forever be changing to align with His will. (Oct. 1978)


God’s Will

Delighting to Do His Will — Do we really delight to do God’s will or are we just doing our own thing and hoping it is God’s will? A godly man wants to know God’s will. He wants it above all else, even his own. A godly man will seek the will of God and he will desire it with all his heart. (Nov. 26, 1978)


Power in God’s Will — The will of God is really not something you do, it’s a state of being. When you are in the will of God then you do the will of God. You don’t just do it, you are it. When you are filled with the Holy Spirit you are in the will of God. You are filled with the will of God. You enter that marvelous kingdom called the will of God. (February 3, 1985)


God’s Word

The Word of God in Your Heart The Word of God comes to us in many ways. The Bible is the basis for His written word. However, we also know God speaks to us using the spoken word. Once a person commits his life to Jesus, God will fill him with His Holy Spirit and God’s word will flow from his heart. (April 1986)



God’s Provisioning — Man, by nature is a greedy creature. We want more stuff. But God has commanded us to be content with the things we have. And he has promised that He will never leave nor forsake us. He will supply all of our needs. (July 1973)


Harvesting the Field

The Harvest is Ready — The harvest in the fields is ready and we should all be doing our part to bring in the harvest. God will direct us, as He sees fit, and it will look different from other harvesters. We should stop debating the theological finer points and get to work doing what God is commanding us to do. (May 26, 1985)



Healing for Today — Healing is at the heart of what God wants to do for us today. Jesus manifested himself and made himself known by healing. There is healing in the cross of Jesus and God chooses to heal today. (September 23, 1984) (Get the book here)


Inner Healing — God wants us to be whole – not only physically whole but whole in our inner person, our mind and psychological self. We are not bound by our experiences or our ancestry. God can reach into our subconscious and heal our past hurts.  (Tape 4 of 5 from St. Giles Presbyterian, Charlotte, N.C. 1974) (Get the book, The Brightness of Your Rising, here)


Summer of Miracles Scripture Companion — Jamie discusses healing from a Biblical perspective as he reads scriptures that focus on healing.  As Jamie battled cancer he found healing in the Word of God. As you listen to these wonderful healing promises from the Bible, I pray you, too, will be free from fear and healed of all your disease. (1991) (All scriptures taken from New International Version, 1984.)

(part 1)
(part 2)


Hearing God

Hear the Voice of God — The Christian is dialed in to hear the voice of God. The problem is there is a lot of other noise out there and we can’t seem to tune it out. We must find ways to eliminate the extraneous noises of life so we can clearly hear the voice of the Lord. (June 2, 1991)


At The Lord’s Command — God is trying to get through to each of us, to simply hear His voice, follow Him and do what He tells us to do. There are many things God wants us to do. He loves us and has a purpose for our lives. He has things for us to do, things that will bless us and prosper us if we will only hear His voice and follow Him. (March 13, 1983)


Listen to the Crickets — Jamie talks about how we need to be still and learn to listen for the voice of God. There is nothing more exciting than to hear God and act on what he is saying. (November 2, 1986)


Hearing God on Mt. Sinai — Jamie teaches on our need to hear God. How do we hear his voice? God will make his presence known to us if we will only stop, be still, and listen. (June 1976)


People who Hear God — Our only task as a Christian is to hear God and to obey Him and sometimes all that means is to simply be available to, “keep the door open,” for His Holy Spirit to do His work. (February 1988)


High Calling

God’s Standard for Holiness — The foundation to holiness is getting rid of the ungodly things in your life. But that is just the start. The real aspect of holiness is adding to your life. Paul says we need to “put on the new self,” and live a holy life that is pleasing to God. (March 4, 1984)


The High Calling — Jamie shares with multiple points, ways to claim the high calling of God. If you will put these things into practice you will walk away with your head high; depression will go, fear and anxiety will fall away, and you will know who you are in the Lord Jesus Christ. (National Catholic Charismatic Conference for Young People, Steubenville, Ohio — 1978)


Possessing the Land–Moving Toward the High Calling — Everyone who has been saved has been called. But the chosen are those who move beyond just being saved. They are moving toward their high calling in Christ Jesus. If you want to enter into the true abundance of a life in Christ, you must allow the fountain of life to flow through you to the world around you. (January 30, 1977)


Holy Spirit, The

The Satisfying Spirit — For every person on earth God has a purpose. To each He has given specific gifts, and He wants to fulfill all those thing with His Holy Spirit. He wants that purpose fulfilled in each of us and for that to happen we need the presence of God working within us. (April 18, 1982)


Be Ready for the Holy Spirit to Move — When you encounter the Holy Spirit, expect things to change, to flow, to move. The Holy Spirit is not placid. New wine, as it grows and ferments, is a violent experience. Place new wine in old wine skins, the Bible says, and you will have a disaster on your hands. The Holy Spirit cannot be placed into an old wine flask that can’t expand. It needs to be flexible and able to expand. (May 12, 1985)


Talk About Tongues (– God wants each of us to be empowered by the filling of his Holy Spirit, just as Jesus was. Jamie shares his testimony of his first experience with the Holy Spirit and the gift of tongues. (Tape 5 of 5 from St. Giles Presbyterian, Charlotte, N.C. 1974) (Get the book, The Brightness of Your Rising, here)


The Dark Pit — Jamie discusses the need for ministers of God to be filled with the Holy Spirit at a Methodist minister’s conference at Lake Junaluska, N.C. He shares about his own difficulties attempting to serve God in his own strength, then how his life, and ministry, was radically changed once he came into the fullness of the Holy Spirit. (Tape 2 of 2 -Lake Junaluska, N.C., August 1975)


Entering the Land – Stir up the Gift — As Christians we are to be separate from the world. God has given us the Holy Spirit, yet we must, as Paul says in 2 Timothy, “stir up the gift” or “fan into flame” the gift of God, so we may be fulfilled and victorious in our daily walk with Him. (January 9, 1977)


New WineskinsJamie teaches that God is stretching His kingdom and He wants us, requires us, to be flexible enough to move with Him. He will not pour new wine into old wineskins. We must change and be filled with His Holy Spirit in order to move with God. (Tape 4 in the series from Graceland Baptist Church, New Albany, Indiana, April 1990)


Receiving the Baptism of the Holy SpiritJamie shares his own personal experiences when he received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit for the first time while researching his first book, Run Baby Run, with Nicky Cruz, in New York and then later in Washington, D.C. in the late 1960s. (Tape 2 in the series from Graceland Baptist Church, New Albany, Indiana, April 1990) (Get the book, A Spirit-led Life, here)


The Holy Spirit’s Work TodayJamie teaches on the work of the Holy Spirit in the world today and how we will receive His power in times of trouble. (January 1991)


My Story Jamie shares his testimony and how he first came to be filled with the Holy Spirit (Jekyll Island, Georgia, February 1974)



God’s Love and Mercy — Jamie teaches on the lessons of Jonah and how God even uses calamities to teach us and bring us into the purpose he has intended for us. (November 6, 1988)



Great Joy — Jamie teaches on joy in the kingdom of God using the vast differences of two kings of Judea, Ahaz and his son Hezekiah, as examples. Ahaz was evil and brought great destruction to the land while Hezekiah led the people back to the Lord and with that came great joy. (Christian Believers United tape #1170, Montreat, NC.,  November 19, 1976) 


Stop Taking Life, and Yourself, so Seriously  — Jamie says, if God is really in control, then we should just relax and enjoy life. Our problem is we take life, and ourselves, too seriously. As a result we begin to believe we are in control, and not God. (August 1986)


The Joy of Salvation — There won’t be any joy in our lives unless the originator of joy, the Holy Spirit, is living and functioning in us. Without the Joy of the Lord, all we do is present condemnation and self-righteousness to others. But a Spirit-filled person is an attractive person and people gravitate to them. It’s the joy-filled Christian that will attract people to Jesus and make them want to know Christ. (Liberty Church, Pensacola, Fla. — September 1984)


Knowing God

First-Hand Knowledge Most of us only have knowledge of God by inference. We have second-hand information of God from something we have read or from what someone else has told us. But do you know God, really know Him? We can know God for ourselves. We don’t have to rely just on what others tell us. Jesus came that we might know God for ourselves, with first-hand knowledge. (Oct. 23, 1988)


To Know God — Just knowing about God is not important. Knowing God, however, is of utmost importance. How do you know Him? You spend time with him, you obey him, and you work to please him. Knowing God should be the most precious thing in your life. (November 20, 1988)




Laughing at Life — Jamie gets personal with fellow pastors as well as with himself saying, “It’s time for Christians to come out of the closet and admit that we are just like everybody else and laugh at ourselves just a little bit.” Jamie’s stories are funny, but they make a point. Like the parables of Jesus, each story is with purpose, and a little bit of humor. (1989 – James Robison Evangelistic Association, Ft. Worth, TX) (Get the book here)



The Authority of Leadership — As Jamie prepares to ordain new elders, he teaches on the authority and responsibility of being a leader and minister in the Church. (August 1982)



Navigating the Narrow PathJamie teaches on making certain our walk through this life is it not on the broad road that leads to destruction but on the narrow path the leads to the cross. And as we walk that narrow path are we bearing fruit or are we like the fig tree that only had leaves and which Jesus cursed? (November 1974) 


The Lifestyle of Jesus — Jamie teaches on what the Bible clearly defines as the lifestyle of Jesus. How then should our lifestyle be, as the followers of Christ? How should we regard material things? How should we regard others? (June 28, 1987)  



A Holy Kiss – Jamie teaches on how God wants for us to love each other as brothers and sister in Christ. (June 11, 1989)


Restoring Relationships — Jamie teaches from Malachi 2 and the importance of keeping our vows made before God and loving each other as God loves us, as Christ loves the Church. Love is not a feeling. Love is an act. (December 8, 1985)



Full-Time Christian Service — God has called every believer into full-time Christian ministry. This does not necessarily mean we are to quit our jobs and go to the mission field. It does mean we are to be like Jesus everywhere we go throughout our normal lives. (November 18, 1973 pm)


Your Shadow Ministry — As you look back across your life you will likely recall people who have let their shadow fall on you. Because of them you are who you are today. As you use your giftings for the Lord’s service, your shadow is falling on untold numbers of others, and God is healing and blessing them, not because you have physically touched any of them, but because you are being obedient to Him. (New Orleans Women’s Aglow Conference, morning session, Tape 1 of 2– Nov. 1987)


Who is Unworthy to MinisterJamie touches on the sensitive issue of what disqualifies a person from ministry. In 1987 several key Christian leaders were scandalized. Did the church react in a Godly way, or were we overly judgmental? Jamie touches on the issue of bitterness in our hearts as he teaches from Acts 8 and the story of Simon the Sorcerer. (Tape 2 of 2 from Eastside Foursquare Church, Bothell, Wash., May 1987)



Transformed for His Glory — This is the first in a series on the miracles of Jesus – Turning water into Wine. (January 4, 1987) (Click for Jamie’s book, Miracles of Jesus)



Handling the Issue of Money — Jamie teaches on the topic of money and the Christian’s attitude toward giving. God is a giving God and He does not require anything of us in exchange for his gifts to us. (November 3, 1985)



They Left Their Nets — We cannot bypass the foundational elements of what Jesus taught us simply because they seem hard. Jesus said we should love the Lord thy God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself. We must have our feet planted on the rock of Jesus Christ and put into practice the words and commands He gave us. (Tape 3 of 4, January 1974 — Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship, Bradenton, Florida) (parts 1 and 2)

Part 1
Part 2


Lessons from the Ark — Jamie teaches on several lessons he had taken from the Ark of the Covenant and how we must not hold any other gods before the One True God, regardless of how sacred or personal that thing, or person, is to us. (April 1978)


Take up Your Cross Daily — Jamie teaches on God’s blessing and our obedience to His call. We must lay everything on the altar, knowing the only way to receive God’s blessing is God’s way. (January 1987)



The Heavenly Perspective — Jamie teaches on the dangers of the occult. He tells that our guidance should come only from God through the Bible as interpreted by the Holy Spirit. Any other source of guidance like that found in horoscopes, astrology or witchcraft, is of the devil and must be left alone. (May 1988)


Overcoming Adversity

Airborne with God — All pilots know that it is the head winds that assist with a plane getting off the ground. The same applies in our spiritual lives. Often it is the contrary winds that lift us up off the ground and get us moving. (January 24, 1982) 


Stand Firm in the Midst of Adversity — All throughout the scriptures we read of God’s people facing adversities. But through tough times God wants his people to stand firm. God doesn’t intend for his people to be crushed by problems. So when you are hit by circumstances in life, remember God doesn’t intend for you to stay down, but through the power of the Holy Spirit, you can and will rise back up. (Central Assembly, Vero Beach, Fla. Oct. 7, 1987)


God is Shaking His Church — God wants us to be able to stand firm in times of adversity. He doesn’t want us to be crushed. And if we get knocked down He doesn’t intend for us to stay down. In the kingdom of God there is no such thing as a knockout blow. God’s people are always able to rise above adversity and the way we do it is by having the Holy Spirit inside of us. (New Orleans Women’s Aglow Conference, evening session, Tape 2 of 2– Nov. 1987)


What to do in Times of Crisis — Our lives are shaped by the traumatic things that happen to us and by our reaction to those situations. Jamie shares 5 keys to help get us through traumatic times, times of crisis, as we learn to handle the unfair experiences of life. (May 13, 1984)


The Inside of the Kingdom — Jamie looks closely at the godly lessons from the book of Haggai and comes away with three keys for dealing with adversity in the life of a Christian: 1) determine the spiritual force behind the adversity; 2) do we really want God in our life or are we just hoping for relief; and 3) if you want God, what are the keys to coming into His presence. (CBU, Montreat, NC – November 1982)


When God Withdraws  — Taking lessons from the book of Haggai, Jamie discusses how we as Christians should respond when we find ourselves in times of adversity. He tells us to first determine if it is God or Satan causing the adversity. Then he cautions us to be very careful when blaming Satan for adversity in the life of a Christian because nothing happens to us unless it first flows through the loving hands of God.  (March 1987)



The Patience of Daniel — God blesses those who are willing to wait for Him and not take matters into their own hands. How impatient we are to get ahead of God. Daniel waited before the Lord. He was a man of great patience and God blessed him for it. Patience before the Lord is not easy, but it reaps great rewards. (Tape 1 of 4, January 1974 — Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship, Bradenton, Florida)



Persecution is Normal for Every Christian — If you are living a life in Christ Jesus, you can expect persecution. In fact, the godlier you become the more persecution will come your way. How do you deal with it? Do you look at persecution as a tool God uses to grow you into the person He wants you to be? Or are you resentful and bitter? God has a higher calling for each of us and it’s through persecution and crisis that we grow into His higher calling. (March 6, 1977)



Pushing Through — Too many Christians stop praying before the task is complete, often right before breakthrough arrives. But the scriptures instruct us to keep on praying, to be persistent, to not give up, and in the proper time we will reap a harvest. (November 29, 1981) 



Praise God in Tough Times — Evil can’t stand in the presence of praise, especially in the presence of children praising. That is one reason Jesus said we all should become like children. Little children aren’t worried about the trivial things adults worry about. They just praise God. And when we like children praise God, the very gates of hell begin to shudder and quiver. (Oct. 30, 1988)



Helpless but not Hopeless — Christians need to stop being so critical of each other. They should instead do as the scriptures instruct and pray for their brothers and sisters in Christ. (July 8, 1990)


Acquiring the Presence of God — Our purpose on earth is to love God, enjoy his presence and allow him to enjoy us. He wants a relationship with us. That is his great desire. All we need to do is recognize him and participate in the presence of God through our prayer life. (December 22, 1991)


God Blesses our Specific Prayers — Our specific prayers are often answered by God, not by God increasing our indulgences, but by Him reducing our neediness. God knows the intent of our heart. He knows if we are praying with a greedy heart or if we are really planning to follow through on our commitments to Him, to love Him and obey His commandments. (Tape 2 of 4, January 1974 — Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship, Bradenton, Florida)


Activating Angels — Jamie teaches how our prayers are activating agents to enlist the angels to fight spiritual battles on our behalf. Prayer is the key to successful spiritual battles. (January 1989) (Get the book of this Tape HERE)


How to Win Through Prayer — Just two weeks after receiving his diagnosis of inoperable cancer, Jamie discusses how his new found understanding of prayer has given him the strength he needed to get through that tough time. (July 1990)


Supernatural PeopleAs Christians we are a supernatural people. The problem is we still function on a natural level. We do things in the natural and only expect things to be done for us on the natural level. Which is why so many of our prayers go unanswered. God desires for us to see things and do things in the supernatural realm. He desires to answer our prayers and to bless us, supernaturally. (March 1984)



The Battle is The Lord’s — God continues to speak to His people today. He speaks not only through his written word but he also speaks to us through words of prophecy. And when God speaks, we need to listen and we need to obey. (March 1981)


A God of History and Purpose — God’s plan is to fulfill biblical prophecy. When Israel became a nation in 1948 that was fulfilling prophecy and now millions of Jews live there. God also has a plan for each of us. (January 1991)



Restoration and Reconciliation —  We often confuse reconciliation with being restored. In the case of our relationship with God there is restoration. And that is what will open the door for our reconciliation with others on a horizontal basis. Relationships that many of us think can never be healed can indeed be reconciled, healed, through Jesus. (September 21, 1986)



Guides to Successful Living – Jamie speaks at the “Jesus ’79” gathering in Orlando, Fla. He discusses how to deal with feelings of rejection and how God desires to fulfill the dreams of our heart. “Whoever receives a call from God to high service,” he states, “must renounce whatever has formed him.” (Jesus ’79, Orlando, Florida, 1979)



Repentance — Repentance is how we return to God’s will and it is through repentance we strive for holiness. The word holy in the Bible means separated or different. It means to be set apart. God is calling us all to be set apart from the world, to be holy and you get there through repentance. You shut the door on the past and turn around. You say you will not be that kind of person anymore; you will not do those things anymore. (Feb. 26, 1984)



Surprised by Joy — In this Easter service message, Jamie teaches on the death and resurrection of Jesus. He shares about the significance of Mary anointing Jesus’ feet with expensive perfume the week before his crucifixion and how it was she who Jesus “surprised” along the pathway on the morning of his resurrection. (March 1991)



Eagles or Turkeys — The Bible states that we are righteous in the Lord Jesus. We are no longer bound by our old sin nature, and the Holy Spirit has come to convict us not of sin but of our righteousness. If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. (November 1981)



Spiritual Athletes — There is only one thing in this life that counts and that is the crown of glory, righteousness and life that God has been preparing for us. God is looking for a generation who will respond to His calling, people who are moving, not just standing in the way. God wants a people who are willing to sacrifice their life for His purposes and not just seek earthly riches, glory or fame. (February 1983)



Winners — Jamie teaches that if Christ came into this world for one thing it was to show us that in Him we are overcomers, winners, and we do not have to allow the world to fashion us into its mold. (February 1987)


Sexual Immorality

Sexual Immorality and Restoration in the Church — Using the text from 1 Corinthians 5, Jamie discusses how to handle sexual immorality and more importantly, restoration, in the church. He then goes on to talk about legal disagreements in the body using the text from 1 Corinthians 6. (January 1991)



Our Shalom — The term Shalom in Hebrew has multiple meanings. It means peace, well-being, safety and salvation. Jesus is our Shalom and through Him all obligations are complete. (November 13, 1988) 



Victory over Sin — Jamie discusses 3 basic principles that will help us have victory over sin and achieve spiritual authority through Christ. (November 11, 1979) 


Together there is Strength — Jamie teaches on the age-old question, What is Sin? “Christians like to talk about forgiveness, but to understand true forgiveness we need to understand sin, otherwise we don’t know what we are being forgiven of, and the first thing sin produces is unbelief. At the very core of sin is a lack of faith. When Jesus came to the world He came to restore to us the ability to have faith and believe God.” (November 1986)


Spiritual Adventure

The Cry of the Wild GooseJamie relates Kierkegaard’s story of barnyard geese and teaches on our need to be willing to have enough faith to leave the barnyard of tradition and fly with God, who has placed dreams of spiritual adventure in our hearts. (Tape 3 in the series from Graceland Baptist Church, New Albany, Indiana, April 1990) (Get the book A Spirit-led Life here)


Drive With Delimiters — From the very foundation of the earth, God had a purpose for you. He created you in His image and not only did He create you but He continues to re-create you. Jesus wants to perfect that which is already in you even your most basic drives and desires. Let Him work and give God the glory in the re-creation process. (November 1983)


Spiritual Authority

Staff of AuthorityUsing Moses as his example, Jamie teaches on taking the staff of authority and how we must hear God on a daily bases and not rely solely on ancient traditions for our direction. The Holy Spirit empowers us to take spiritual authority over every area of our life and that authority begins with self-discipline and obedience to God. (Closing evening session, Jesus ’79 Festival, Orlando, Florida, March 1979)


Combating Spiritual Burnout —  If you are serious about Jesus, at some point you will come under attack from Satan. But remember, the battle is the Lord’s and it has been won. We are to stand firm in the faith and continue to do what God has called us to do. The Lord is our strength as spiritual forces fight on our behalf in the heavenlies. (December 1980)


Spiritual Maturity

We are Pilgrims — Jamie discusses walking in spiritual maturity and that also means understanding we are just pilgrims on this earth. He lists four things that happen to Christians once we come to an understanding of this principle. (Christian Believers United tape # 1199, Montreat, NC, November 19, 1977)



Affliction and Redemption — Jamie teaches on the story of Job and the dilemma we sometimes encounter when we know we serve a good and loving God, however, like in the case of Job, there are times when terrible things happen to us. (August 1986)


Paradoxes of LiveHave you ever set out to pray for something and the exact opposite happens instead? Jamie has 3 words for you: Don’t Give Up. Remember, God is on our side and He is watching over us. We just need to begin to look at all things through His eyes with eternity in mind. God desires that we see as He sees, understand as he understands, and to live by faith. (September 1986)


Don’t Waste Your PainDo you know that God has a purpose for your pain? He knows all of our troubles and He has a purpose for everything that happens to us. Trust God. He is at work in your life. (March 1991)



Hungry for the Spirit — Jamie shares his testimony 14 years after he was filled with the Holy Spirit and reveals that his spiritual life has been a continual quest to spiritual maturity. There is always more spiritually in store for us if we will only hunger for the things of God, hunger for His Holy Spirit. As we hunger God will continually fill us with his Spirit. (February 21, 1982)



Thanksgiving in the PitThis is the story of Joseph son of Israel. Jamie teaches how we can be thankful even when bad things happen to us. Whether we are in the ‘pit of correction’ or in the ‘pit of curing’, the Lord our God is with us and he will not leave us alone as he shapes us and molds us to His image. (November 1976) (Get the book here)



Though He Slay Me — Here is the story of Job. Jamie teaches that despite how it seemed to Job, God never turned His back on him. He only removed His conscious presence for a time. Once God sets a person on a path, God may test that individual to see if he will continue to trust God or turn aside when times get hard. (Aug. 6, 1972)


Trials Produce Character — When rains fall into your life, rejoice. God has brought you to that place because he loves you. And remember, whom God loves he chastens, so all the ugliness can be gone and we are matured to have the character of Jesus, complete and not lacking anything. (June 1989)


Trusting God

Except the Lord Build — Psalm 127 shows us God’s perspective: Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain. How much of what we do is in vain because it is done for the wrong motivations? (March 28, 1976)


Really, Where is Your Trust? — When you place your trust in God alone, you will never be disappointed. God will not let you down. People on the other hand are not to be trusted. They are to be loved, but our trust is reserved for God. (August 20, 1989)


Relinquishment of Control — There is something in each of us that says we can run our own life better than God can.  Yet, the call of God to his people is the call of the shepherd to his sheep. We are to humble ourselves before him, go where he tells us to go, do what he tells us to do, and be who he tells us to be. Jamie also teaches on the purpose of giving and tithing. (1975)


Unproductive Times — Jamie teaches on not becoming discouraged during the unproductive times or the fruitless seasons of our lives. (October 1981) (Get the book based on this message here!)


The Grandfather Clock (The Weights of Life) — Jamie teaches on looking at life from the perspective of eternity and how God often places weights on each of us in order to develop a dependence on Him. (February 1976) (Get the book based on this message here)



Our Absolute God — Jamie shares of his recent trip the White House and his belief that what is going on in the local church is so much more important than what is going on there. Establishing the Kingdom of God in our communities is far more important than dealing with high rollers who will be replaced after the next election. (March 25, 1984)


Finding Truth — With Truth comes change and oftentimes it is too tough to receive. We tend to back away from Truth because we don’t want to change. Why? Because Truth calls for death to the old nature. Jesus said “I am the Truth.” If you know Truth, you will be changed. And that’s frightening for most people. (May 15, 1977)



The Church in the Home — How do we as Christians know we are in togetherness? The fruit of our unity is being able to hear from God and act in agreement, following the spirit as God speaks, and staying attune to his every new direction. (November 18, 1973)


Preparing His BrideGod is purposefully shaking His church in preparation for the end times. He is also bringing us into unity and giving his followers a safe harbor, and it’s all for His glory. (February 3, 1991)


How to Handle the Future — Unity in the body of Christ is vital for evangelizing the world. Teaching from John 17:20-23, Jamie impresses the importance of the body of Christ coming into a covenant relationship with one another as did the early churches in the New Testament. (Nondenominational Conference on Charismatic Renewal, Kansas City — 1977)


Are You Serious About Jesus? — Jamie discusses the AIDS epidemic (from a 1986 perspective) and asks the question: How are we as Christians supposed to deal with it? He then moves into the aspect of the Church needing to unify. Only in unity can we successfully combat the schemes of the devil. (November 1986) 



High Calling — Vessels of Honor — God wants us to live a life of usefulness. We all have a dream that our life will count for something. A dream that we can do more than just merely exit. As Christians we have a high calling and we are to press on for whatever that may be, even to the point of suffering for Christ. (February 6, 1977)


Who Does God Use? — God will use you in the service of his kingdom right where you are today. It doesn’t matter that you have never been used before. God will use you now, if you let him, if you are fully willing to be used by him. If you are not afraid but you are trusting. All you have to do is to present yourself usable, just the way you are (May 1977).


God’s Unusual People — Who does God use? God is not looking for perfect people. He is looking for yielded people to accomplish His desires and His will on this earth. Regardless of the vessel, God’s word will not return void or empty (July 1989).


Talents Our talents are given to us by God. He expects us to use these talents, invest them, multiple them, and in doing so he will rewards us. Not to use our talents, out of fear or for any other reason, will cause our Lord to be greatly displeased, even to the point of calling us wicked and lazy (Matt. 25:26) (November 1972).


Clay in the Potter’s HandsJamie teaches on being useable to God and being pliable as He molds and shapes us to be who He wants us to be in the Kingdom. “Being used by God means being willing to be changed by God, to progress and move with Him. The usable person is the one who is flexible.” (August 1976).


What Are You Doing? — Jamie takes his teaching from Jesus’ parable in Luke 19 about the 10 minas. What are you doing with what God has given you? Are you putting your gifts to work for God or are you simply leaving them buried in the ground? (January 1983).



Worry and Anxiety — Jesus asks why we worry when He knows everything that is going on in our lives? Jamie compares worry to an alarm clock. We are to turn it off as soon as it alerts us to something. Then we are to release that situation to God. We are not to wallow in it any more than we are to listen to the alarm once awake. (September 4, 1983)



Creative Worship — It is time for the church of today to break through and move into new dimensions of worship. True worship will lead you into a true relationship with God. Pure worship is when everyone has their eyes on God. Not a pastor or a band. But only on God. (February 12, 1984)