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In Jamie’s words

Jamie Buckingham quoteTrue faith does not say that suffering and pain do not exist. True faith says, even though I don't understand all my troubles or have all the answers, I have a relationship with God the Father, and I can and will lean on Him.— Jamie Buckingham
Jamie Buckingham quoteIf you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior, then you are a child of the King, a prince in the Kingdom. Nobody can knock that crown off your head.— Jamie Buckingham
Jamie Buckingham quoteWhen you reach the place in your life where everything you own belongs to God, then everything God owns  belongs to you.— Jamie Buckingham
Jamie Buckingham quoteThere comes a time in the life of every Spirit-baptized Christian when he has to face the fact that character is far more important than charisma.— Jamie Buckingham
Jamie Buckingham quoteThe forces of darkness are all around us, but we can walk through them in freedom and without fear -- because with every step we as Christians take, we are surrounded by the presence of God.— Jamie Buckingham
Jamie Buckingham quoteSometimes all that is required for a miracle is someone who is willing to listen, obey -- and get out of the way.— Jamie Buckingham
Jamie Buckingham quoteYou cannot tell a person, "This is what you must do." What you can do is put him in a position where he can discover truth for himself.— Jamie Buckingham
Jamie Buckingham quoteIf God is really in control, we might as well enjoy life -- rather than take it so seriously.— Jamie Buckingham
Jamie Buckingham quoteI stopped some time ago trying to preach to people. I found that most people, when you “preach” to them, develop a resistance. Instead, I started to just share the Word of God and I found that it allowed God to do the “preaching” through His Holy Spirit. And He will bring to light that which you need personally.— Jamie Buckingham
Jamie Buckingham quoteSuccess does not come by making popular decisions. It comes by obeying God.— Jamie Buckingham
Jamie Buckingham quoteIn order to have a valid ministry, you have to be with people. It is not enough to preach at them. You have to be with them, among them.— Jamie Buckingham
Jamie Buckingham quoteAny time we seek anything less than the kingdom of God, we are asking for too little.— Jamie Buckingham

Jamie Buckingham

Draw closer to God through the life and ministry of Jamie Buckingham.

This website is dedicated to Jamie Buckingham (1932-1992) and to preserving his works (books, teachings, and video devotionals). Please take a few minutes to visit around the site, using the links at the top of this page, and see the various materials available for you to explore and experience his ministry. Also, please visit us and like us on Facebook using the button in the lower right hand corner of this page.

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Jamie’s work impacted numerous lives and influenced Christians all over the world. He wrote over 45 books and was an internationally known apostolic and prophetic voice for the Charismatic movement from the early 1970’s to the time he died in Feb. 1992. While his books may be what he is most remembered for by the Christians who read them and remember him, his ministry to the local church in Melbourne, Florida, and his love for Israel were where his heart was.

Please visit this site often as more and more of Jamie’s materials will be posted as they become available. Risky Living Ministries has collected over 950 audio cassette recordings of Jamie’s teachings at his church and many other locations all over the country. They are in various stages of being converted and edited for posting to this site. Over 350 of his teachings are now available for free listening under the Audios tab.

We also have several multi-part video series that were filmed in Israel and feature Jamie’s unique teaching style. They are excellent for Bible study groups, home groups or for your own personal study. The workbooks are available for you to download for free or you can purchase newly printed and bound copies. You can find links to the videos and workbooks under the Videos tab.

Many of Jamie’s books have been republished in paperback (and some in hardback) and are also available for the first time as e-books and audio books. You can find them in our Bookstore. In addition, some of Jamie’s best sermons have been transcribed and turned into books in the Jamie Buckingham Classic Sermon Series.

Jamie’s popular columns are also available in an easy-to-read PDF format under the Writings tab.

Our hope is that, through this website, Jamie’s writings and teachings can be enjoyed and savored once again. May we all continue to be challenged, encouraged, and blessed by Jamie’s wit, wisdom, and powerful storytelling abilities that always point us to Jesus and the kingdom of God.

This site is produced and maintained by Risky Living Ministries, Inc., a 501(c)3 not-for-profit ministry dedicated to preserving and promoting Jamie Buckingham’s written and audio/video ministry resources. Donations to RLM can be made through the Donations tab. Donations are tax deductible and will go toward the advancement of the kingdom of God through the dissemination of Jamie’s books and other ministry materials.