“Risky living puts you in the position where God will eventually take off your mask, peel back all your layers, and lay you bare for the world to see. However, if the process of inner healing has been thorough and complete, those who look into your life from the outside will not see your nakedness, but instead–through your transparency–will see the glory of the One in whose image you have been created.” — excerpt from Risky Living by Jamie Buckingham


Risky Living Ministries, a not-for-profit corporation founded by Bruce and Michele Buckingham, is dedicated to preserving the written, video and audio materials of Jamie Buckingham, the internationally renowned pastor, author, and Christian leader. Bruce is Jamie’s eldest son. 

Before starting RLM, Bruce was a director of NASA Public Affairs and chief spokesman for the Space Shuttle Program at Kennedy Space Center. Michele, his wife of 38 years, has edited more than 40 Christian books and magazines and has organized numerous ministry conferences. Parents of two and grandparents of four, Bruce and Michele live in a rural community in Palm Bay, Florida.

The name “Risky Living Ministries” was inspired by one of Jamie’s most popular books, Risky Living. We at RLM believe, as Jamie did, that God intends for this life to be a life of adventure in the Spirit and as we seek to follow the Lord. God, through His Holy Spirit, is always there to guide us, direct us, and give us the wisdom, strength, and resources we need to do great things we could never do in our own power. “What’s the sense in living,” Jamie used to say, “if you don’t attempt the impossible?”

“Risky living” means attempting the impossible with God, knowing that through Christ, all things are indeed possible. “We believe in walking the Spirit-filled life,” Jamie said. “When you are willing to live your life following Jesus, it’s not the goal that is risky, it’s the walk that is risky.” May we be willing to risk it all for Jesus and the kingdom of God, knowing, as Jamie did, that our truest and most lasting rewards are not earthly, but heavenly!

The board or directors of RLM is comprised of Bruce and Michele Buckingham, Jackie Buckingham, Mary Stone, Dave LeBeau, and Debbie Boutin. Jackie is Jamie’s widow. Mary, Dave, and Debbie (and their respective spouses, Reeves, Cindy, and Paul) knew Jamie personally and attended the church he pastored from the 1970s to the time he was called home in 1992. Each board member brings his or her own unique gifts and spiritual insight to the oversight of RLM, helping to keep it focused and God-centered. While RLM is dedicated to reintroducing and reproducing the works of Jamie Buckingham, our purpose is never to glorify a man; rather, it is to glorify the God the man always pointed to.

Donations of any size for our continuing effort to make Jamie’s works available to the public once again are appreciated.  Donations can be made by credit card by clicking the DONATIONS tab. Donations by check can be made out to Risky Living Ministries and mailed to 3901 Hield Road NW, Palm Bay, FL 32907.