Endorsements for Jamie Buckingham Ministries

If you would like comment on this website or Jamie Buckingham Ministries please email me at Bruce@RLMin.com.  Additional endorsement comments will be added as they come in.

This is fantastic, a great resource. I listened to some of the five minute pieces . . . and look forward to listening to more. —  Bernie M.

Risky Living is the crowning jewel.  I’ve reread it so many times, and as an avid reader I don’t usually reread books.  I’ve ordered so many used ones to give away, I lost count long ago . . . my spiritual life was so impacted by Jamie’s words which ‘read my mail’ and so touched my heart.  — Cissy B.

An amazing read (A Way Through the Wilderness). I bought this book when it was first released. My children and I were blessed to have Jamie as our pastor for years. — Carol B.

Anything you ever see written by this man is highly recommended! Knowing him had a tremendous impact on my life. — Roy. K

Jamie’s book “Risky Living” utterly transformed and shaped my life. — Phil S.

What an incredible gift this site is.  I have told folks about Jamie for so long and could only find bits and pieces of his work outside his books.  I will refer this site to my ministry students and pastors I train.  Jamie impacted my life more than anyone I have ever had a friendship with.  I still carry a deep sadness over his departure from us all. —  Doug Murren, DougMurren.com, Hope Connexion

This is a really beautiful website. — Mary N.

Anything written by Jamie will be fantastic! – Priscilla A.

Thank you so much. Your website is a great blessing to us in Kenya. We appreciate your ministry initiatives through this site. — Alfred J.

I have heard a lot of preachers but when Jamie spoke it was just amazing. I have been listening to his sermons online and it takes me back to a wonderful time in my life. — Neal R.

God imparted so much to me from Jamie’s teachings….. It really made my day to find it (Facebook page) and have the ability to stay “connected” to God through Jamie’s words.  Blessings. — Audra L.

I was a little girl when I met Jamie Buckingham. I loved going to church to sing and listen to him. God has blessed so many people through Jamie!  He has been very much missed through the years! — Jennifer V.

What an honor to listen to this Godly man teach! — John H.

He was a wonderful man and speaker! — Rose B.

I am revisiting the book ‘Where Eagle Soar’ it’s as fresh and insightful as when I first read it. — Stephen M.

What a wonderful man of God…..we reap the benefits of his teachings today….. — Nancy N.

I just re-read Risky Living and was blessed. — Sarah B.

 I was so glad to find this site — Joan B.

This man will always inspire me — Joe T.

It was Jamie who challenged me to become a minister. — Jim G.

Jamie Buckingham was one of the best story tellers. He had the most fascinating sermons I have ever heard. He has certainly been missed! – D. Elder

What a pleasure to have come across the website dedicated to Jamie’s memory and legacy…He made an impact on my life early in my walk with Jesus….What struck the most about Jamie, besides his notable wit, was his trade mark transparency.  It has influenced my life for all these years……Jamie Buckingham’s love for Jesus Christ was infectious.  It was evident to everybody who knew him – and it made me want to love the Lord as he did.  I saw a man who exuded confidence, yet it was so apparent that his confidence was built on humility, his love for the Lord, and his reliance on the Holy Spirit. — C. Mavrogeorge

I really appreciate your work on the website. Thanks for keeping God’s word alive. — Hugh E.

Thank you for all the work you have done to create this wonderful website. You have done a spectacular job on it. It’s so nice to be able to go to one place and see Jamie’s work. Thank you so much!   — Robin M.

It’s a great site.  — Greg H.

Great messages! Love hearing his work again. – S. Bailey

Thank you for compiling all this incredible wealth of knowledge and wisdom for us. It is a great blessing and a needed source of encouragement and strength. It is good to be reminded of the riches we were so fortunate to have been taught.  – L. Fucella

One of my all-time favorites. Jamie Buckingham hits the nail right on the head. – J. White

I so needed this encouragement today. Thank you. — K. Thorne

This is a wonderful video series by Jamie Buckingham (10 Bible People Like Me) on men and women that God has used mightily has just been posted on the web. This is a great series. – Jim G.

Thanks for sharing this. It’s great to hear him again. – J. Steirs

He will always be my pastor, evangelist, teacher. – Curt B.

Awesome. Thanks so much for sharing the truth from Jamie. His ministry lives on! – Roy K.

His voice is still so familiar. I treasure his ministry. – M. Miller

So very refreshing! Wonderful to hear his voice again. Thank you. – R. Phelps

Wonderful teachings. I am so blessed by Jamie’s teachings every day. Thanks for sharing! – Curtis D.

I want to tell everyone about this ministry. – S. Wyatt

We miss our friend. Thanks for the memories and the messages that are still alive today. – Ginger C.

Thank you for sharing these wise words. – Shirley S.

Very profound – Ina D.

Thanks so much for sharing. Sweet, gentle, awesome Jamie. He is having so much fun in heaven. – M. Weeks

I remember my pilgrimage to Israel with Jamie. I remember his poignant teachings. Those are, for me, treasury rooms in my memory. – Randy W.

Jamie’s most beautiful, and perhaps strongest character trait, was his unconditional love. – Jamie T.

Jamie was an awesome man. We miss him dearly. I have great memories of his big smile and his laughter at the Tab. – J. Palazza

Always enjoyed Jamie’s teaching videos during my Bible study. Very powerful! – R. Coffer

I loved all of Jamie’s books. He is very much missed. – M. Freeman

I learned so much from Jamie through his Bible studies. I started journaling because of him. He had a way with words that made God’s word so easy to understand. Miss him. – Faith C.

Brother Jamie is a great Bible teacher. Read his teachings. I recommend them. — D. De Lones