Jamie Buckingham (1932-1992) spent his entire adult life in ministry. He devoted his writing and speaking talents and sacrificed his time to teach and spread the gospel, eventually becoming an internationally renowned best-selling author, columnist, and conference speaker. He was a friend to nearly every significant Christian leader in the charismatic movement until his death at the age of 59.

Jamie was the author of more than 45 books, including Run Baby Run, (with Nicky Cruz), Tramp for the Lord, (with Corrie ten Boom), Shout it from the Housetops (with Pat Robertson), Daughter of Destiny (with Kathryn Kulman), and Mission (chronicling U.S. Senator Bill Nelson’s trip into space aboard the space shuttle). Other popular teaching books included Risky Living, Where Eagles Soar, The Nazarene, A Way Through the Wilderness , Jesus World (a novel) and Summer of Miracles. (These books and more can be ordered through our bookstore.) He was also a regular columnist for Charisma and Christian Life magazine and other publications. He served as senior editor for Ministries Today magazine until his death. (These articles and others can be found under the writings tab.)0004 dad

Jamie traveled frequently, but his favorite destination was always the land of Israel. He produced several video series and workbooks teaching biblical lessons “on site.” His critically acclaimed book A Way Through the Wilderness, follows the actual footsteps of Moses as he led the children of Israel through the Sinai Desert.

While Jamie’s ministry reached around the world, his true love was always the local church he pastored for nearly twenty-five years, the Tabernacle Church in Melbourne, Florida. Jamie founded the Tabernacle Church at a time when he was seeking a deeper relationship with Christ—a search that quickly led him to a fuller understanding of what it means to be truly filled with the Holy Spirit. (Not coincidentally, this was the same time his writing career began to take off.) The church started as a small group of several families and some friends, but it soon outgrew its original facilities. In a few short years, the “Tab,” as it was affectionately known, overflowed on Sunday mornings and evenings, as people traveled from all over the country to listen to Jamie and see what the Holy Spirit was doing in the sleepy beach town of Melbourne.

To Jamie, church was all about relationships. His teachings struck a balance between bringing God’s Word to new believers and feeding the sheep who already made up the body of Christ. He had a special gift for weaving stories about everyday situations into life-changing lessons about the love, mercy, and power of God.

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Complete list of  Jamie Buckingham’s books: (Highlighted books have been republished and are currently available for purchase from Risky Living Ministries.) 

Books Authored by Jamie (original publisher and publication date)

1. Your New Look – (Logos) 1970

2. Coming Alive – (Logos) 1970

3. Some Gall – (Word Books) 1970

4. O Happy Day – (Word Books) 1972

5. Into the Glory – (Logos/Wycliffe Bible Translators) 1974

6. Risky Living – (Logos/Bridge) 1976

7. Daughter of Destiny – (Logos/Bridge) 1976

8. The Last Word – (Logos/Bridge) 1978

9. Coping with Criticism – (Logos/Bridge) 1979

10. Where Eagles Soar – (Chosen Books) 1980

11. Jesus World (a novel) – (Chosen Books) 1981

12. A Way Through the Wilderness – (Chosen Books/Zondervan) 1983

13. Power for Living – (Authur S. DeMoss Foundation) 1984

14. The Journey to Spiritual Maturity – (Crossover Productions) 1985

15. Let’s Talk About Life – (Creation House) 1986

16. The Truth will set you Free, But First it will Make you Miserable – (Creation House) 1988

17. Miracle Power (a.k.a. The Miracles of Jesus – Then and Now) – (Paraclette Press) 1988

18. Bible People Like Me – (Paraclette Press) 1988

19. 10 Parables of Jesus – Poking Holes in Religious Balloons– (Paraclette Press) 1989

20. The Nazarene – (Servant Publications) 1991

21. Summer of Miracles – (Creation House) 1991

22. Look Out World, I’m Me – (Word) 1993 (published posthumously)


Books written by Jamie for someone else

1. Run Baby Run – (Logos) 1968 – with Nicky Cruz

2. God Can Do It Again – (Prentice Hall) 1969 – for Kathryn Kuhlman

3. Ben Israel – (Logos) 1970 – with Arthur Katz

4. The Lonely Now – (Logos) 1971 – with Nicky Cruz

5. Shout It From The Housetops – (Logos) 1972 – with Pat Robertson

6. The End of Youngblood Johnson – (Chosen Books) 1973 – with Aaron Johnson

7. Nothing is Impossible with God – (Prentice Hall) 1974 – for Kathryn Kuhlman

8. Tramp for the Lord – (Fleming Revell) 1974 – with Corrie ten Boom

9. Capt. LeVrier Believes in Miracles – (Bethany) 1973 – for Kathryn Kuhlman

10. 10,000 Miles for a Miracle – (Bethany) 1974 – for Kathryn Kuhlman

11. How Big is God — (Bethany) 1974 – for Kathryn Kuhlman

12. Standing Tall — (Bethany) 1975 – for Kathryn Kuhlman

13. Call to Discipleship – (Logos) 1975 – with Juan Carlos Oretiz

14. Let’s Begin Again – (Logos) 1975 – with Father William Sherwood

15. Never Too Late — (Bethany) 1975 – for Kathryn Kuhlman

16. Twilight to Dawn — (Bethany) 1976 – for Kathryn Kuhlman

17. Don’t Wrestle, Just Nestle – (Fleming Revell) 1977 – with Corrie ten Boom

18. From Medicine to Miracles — (Bethany) 1978 – for Kathryn Kuhlman

19. A Glimpse into Glory — (Logos) 1979 – for Kathryn Kuhlman

20. Under His Wing – (Multnomah Press) 1979 – with Bernie May

21. From Harper Valley to the Mountaintop – (Chosen) 1981 – with Jeannie C. Riley

22. The Coming Food Crisis – (Chosen) 1982 – with Frank Ford

23. Trust – (Multnomah Press) 1985 – with Bernie May

24. Mission – An American Congressman’s Adventure in Space — (HBJ) 1988 – with Bill Nelson


VIDEO SERIES and WORKBOOKS (All filmed on location in Israel)

(Highlighted series are now available for viewing.)

1. Journey to Spiritual Maturity — 1985

2. Ten Bible People Like Me — 1988

3. Ten Miracles of Jesus – 1988

4. Ten Parables of Jesus — 1988

5. Armed for Spiritual Warfare — 1989

6. 50 Days Before Easter – 1989

7. Learning From Jesus – 1991 (coming soon)