Jamie Buckingham, one of the world’s great storytellers, vividly re-tells 10 miracles of Jesus, on location in Israel. This video series is ideal for Sunday School classes, home group Bible studies or individual study. The corresponding workbook contains a series of basic Bible questions on each miracle discussed and is very useful for small group study and understanding of each video.

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10 Miracles of Jesus is a 10-part video Bible study series filmed in Israel. Of the dozens of Jesus’ recorded miracles, Jamie selected 10 to highlight in this series. During this study Jamie helps us to understand that: (1) Miracles continue today; (2) God works His miracles through us; (3) The purpose of miracles is to glorify God; (4) True miracles always defy logic and understanding; and (5) There is nothing as powerful as the name of Jesus in the mouth of a believer.

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Watch the video lessons for 10 Miracles of Jesus:

Lesson 1: The Wedding Feast

Lesson 2: Jesus Stills a Storm

Lesson 3: Set Free From Demons

Lesson 4: Loaves and Fishes

Lesson 5: Faith From the Roof

Lesson 6: A Demon Possessed Boy

Lesson 7: Miracle at Bethesda

Lesson 8: Sight for Blind Eyes

Lesson 9: The Leper

Lesson 10: Lazarus