Activating Angels Through Prayer 

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Jamie Buckingham Sermon Series #14

There is a curtain on the invisible world. Yet, there are times when God raises the curtain and we are permitted to see beyond the veil into the spiritual world. What is beyond is marvelous. Angels are all around us, and they are standing ready to fight our spiritual battles for us. All we need to do to activate them is to pray. When we pray, God mobilizes the angelic forces, and suddenly the battle is no longer ours. The battle is the Lord’s.

In this little book, Jamie Buckingham tells of the importance of prayer in his life. He then relates the story of the prophet Elisha and how, when the curtain to the spiritual world was raised, he viewed a multitude of angelic forces prepared to battle his enemies.

Prayer was the key to activating those angels. And prayer remains the key to activating angelic forces on our behalf today.

The following quotes by Jamie are taken directly from Activating Angels Through Prayer.

“If the Bible is the word of God then we should pay attention to it.”

“Maybe all God desires (for a person to be healed) is for just one person to pray.”

“Prayer activates the angelic forces that are in the spirit world.”

“You don’t have to fight the spiritual battles. All you do is pray. You activate the angels when you pray.”