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Thanksgiving in the Pit 

Have you ever found yourself in a pit, emotionally, financially or spiritually? In a way only he can teach, Jamie Buckingham relates the pit experiences of Joseph, from the book of Genesis, to our own “pits” of today. Joseph found himself in two very different kinds of pits in his life. Once in the desert when he angered his brothers by his boasting, and again in Egypt, when he was punished for doing the right things in the eyes of God. Jamie tells us these pits — the pit of correction and the pit of curing — are God’s ways of getting our attention for life-lessons He wants us to learn. (52 minutes)


A Way Through the Wilderness  

Following the footsteps of Moses to find the way through your personal wilderness 

Do you sometimes feel that you are wandering in a wilderness of grief, confusion, and faltering faith? If so, you are not alone. Like the lost children of Israel, many have searched for a way through a personal wilderness. But just as those same Israelites followed God’s leading to the Promised Land, you too can find the promised new life in the Spirit. Jamie Buckingham made such a journey – not only figuratively but literally. During a time of intense personal struggle, he traveled to the Sinai. There he found restoration and, in the solitude of a wilderness night, he learned ancient Bible truths that would alter his life forever. Of all the locations Jamie visited during his many trips to Israel, he loved the Sinai desert the most. In this book he shares with you the simple, healing secrets that God first revealed to Moses at the dawn of faith. (8 hours, 27 minutes)


When Your Prayers Go Unanswered   

Jamie shares what we as Christians are to do when it turns out that God’s plan for our life is different from our hopes or our dreams. What does the Bible say about facing this reality? How do we overcome the disappointments in life? Jamie’s unique ability to tell a story that touches our deepest wounds, comes from his personal experiences, his own disappointments and his faith that God is a loving, kind and giving God. Here, Jamie reveals scriptural truths that prove, despite our disappointments or sense that our prayers are unanswered, God indeed has a better plan than we could have ever hoped for ourselves. (41 minutes)



Senior Saints (Stop Living Like You Are Already Dead!) 

It is God’s purpose and plan for us all to grow old and to go through physical changes. But it is not God’s purpose for us to grow old and stop serving Him. Everything changes because our God is a God of change. There is nothing stationary about God. He is always moving and progressing forward and, as Christians, we are part of something God is doing, regardless of our age or physical condition. So regardless of how old you are or how you feel physically, God still has something for you to do for His kingdom. Regardless of age, you have high value to God. God does not want his people to retire from His service. He needs you now more than he has ever needed you in all your life. He needs you during all of your living years. I don’t see any place in God’s concept for life that people retire and sit in a rocking chair all the rest of their days. That is not God’s plan for your life. Stop living like you are already dead! Be excited about your future regardless of how long your past goes back. The doors ahead of you are open. Be creative and productive all the way up to the time God calls you home. Get involved in your church or community organization. Be a light to the world and shine until your last breath. Don’t let your age or physical inabilities ever stop you from doing what God is asking you to do. Grab hold of your eternal vision and God will use you for that ministry He still has planned for you. (53 minutes)


Bible People Like Me  

Often, as people read the Bible, they come under the conviction that God wants them to change their ways. Or perhaps He wants to encourage them with the example of one of His fearful but obedient children. Or warn them of impending disaster if they persist in behavior He does not condone. Why do Bible people affect them this way? Because they are not legendary giants or super-heroes; they are ordinary people. What would you do, if you were a young girl suddenly confronted by an angel with the most incredible mission imaginable, or a great king who had succumbed to temptation and now still had to go on? Jamie Buckingham explores the lives of ten of the best-known people in the Bible and finds out just how much they are like you and me. (3 hours, 5 minutes)


A Spirit-led Life

This is Jamie’s story. His life. From his strict moral upbringing, through his salvation experience, through his “dark pit” days as a disgraced Southern Baptist pastor, through his highly successful writing career, Jamie Buckingham shares how God broke down his resistance to the baptism in the Holy Spirit and taught him how to be led by the Spirit day by day. With characteristic transparency, humor and insight, he uses his own story to encourage each of us to discover our unique identity, purpose, and power—to realize our God-given dream—through a personal experience with the Spirit of God. (5 hours, 15 minutes)


God is in Control 

The book of Habakkuk begins with a cry yet ends with a song. And in the middle are three eternal messages given by the Lord God of hosts. (One) For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea; (Two) the Lord is in his holy temple, let all the earth keep silent before him; and (Three) the righteous shall live by faith.

God is not calling to our intellects. He is calling to our hearts. He is calling to that deep inner place where we are, to where we will become his people. And when we become his people, then he becomes Lord of all. When that happens, then no matter what he does, it is within the realm of his love and his kindness and his mercy and his grace. We have a God who is so great that he will work through us to bring his miracles and to bring his healing. Because it’s God who is in control, and we trust only in him. (49 minutes)


The Journey to Spiritual Maturity workbook

In this 13-part Bible study, Jamie Buckingham takes you on a spectacular trip through the Sinai Desert retracing the footsteps of Moses. In this series, you will go where Moses and the children of Israel went, see what they saw, and stop where they stopped. All along the way, Jamie teaches the particular lessons learned as you take your own journey to spiritual maturity. (3 hours, 35 minutes)


Risky Living

The title says it all. This is Jamie Buckingham’s testimony in which he begins with the premise that there is much more to our Christian experience than what first meets the eye. Our lives are like placid lakes which are, however, deeply polluted. We have customarily pushed the pain of unhappy experiences beneath the surface where it stays quite alive in the subconscious mind. Thus it is that, at conversion, the Holy Spirit may make some dramatic-looking changes in our lives, but the bulk of our sin remains, largely untouched, hidden beneath the surface. If, however, we continue to follow Jesus, choosing his way instead of our own, the Holy Spirit will lead us to people and circumstances that will bring our sin to the surface where it can be confessed and forgiven. (7 hours, 19 minutes)


The Truth Will Set You Free . . . But First It Will Make You Miserable

Buckingham, renowned storyteller and master satirist, goes behind the scenes to name names and talk about hilarious incidents in his life, and the lives of others close to him. No one escapes his pointed pen. The big shots, the unknowns, his wife, his kids, his mother, friend and foe — all are targets of his humor. He even pokes fun at himself — his weight, his balding head, and his often fumbling methods to represent God.

In this collection you will read the stories of what happened when he baptized a fat woman; when he thought his washing-machine had a demon; when he walked behind the horse who had just be given five gallons of laxative; and his ongoing battles with tomatoes and people who wear toupees. TV preachers, the rapture, prophetic “words” — nothing is sacred in this book. A funny, wise, and otherwise hilarious ride through the life and times of Jamie Buckingham. (7 hours, 39 minutes)


Armed for Spiritual Warfare

Christians are under attack from a deadly but invisible enemy. God has given us orders to be armed for battle in spiritual warfare.

As we are witnessing in the world today, Satan has mounted a massive attack against Christians and the church. As a result there is a great resurgence of interest in spiritual warfare. Christians of all persuasions must realize they do not have to be pushed around by the devil. Jesus Christ has given us authority — not only to cast out demons, but to bash in the gates of hell.

In this book, Jamie Buckingham will walk you through each piece of the armor of God and demonstrate how to have victory in your life over the forces of evil that come to rob you of your God-given inheritance of hope and joy. (2 hours, 19 minutes)


Where Eagles Soar

Have you ever watched an eagle soar? Picture one now, gliding motionless on the thermal winds, far above the gusts that whip the surface of the earth. His movement is most graceful when he yields to the flow of the currents and lets them carry him.

That’s the way it is with Christians, says Jamie Buckingham, when we relinquish our lives to the movement of God’s Spirit. With biblical examples like Moses, Joshua, and David, and with graphic testimony of his own experiences, Jamie Buckingham shows the consequence of resisting God’s presence in the innermost recesses of our lives . . . and the almost indescribable changes that come when we yield to Him.

Here is a book that shows you how your life with Christ can move beyond just being a memory of a salvation experience. If you let Him, God can and will lift you from your present existence and start you on a venture Where Eagles Soar. (9 hours, 2 minutes)

Jesus World

Have you ever wondered what Disney World would be like if it were centered on Jesus instead of cartoon characters? Would it be a good thing? Or would there just be as much fantasy as any other theme park run by robotics and remote controls? Is it OK to make Jesus and his message more “entertaining” if people are converted in the process?  Or is it better to simply follow the pattern of his life and his lifestyle, and make not just converts, but true disciples?

Jesus World, a novel, is a study of the differences between high profile Christianity, riddled with compromise yet justified by countless conversions, and simple Jesus-like discipleship. Can both exist side-by-side? Or will one overtake the other, in the name of God?

Jesus World asks the basic question: Can man really improve on the ways of Jesus? (4 hours, 59 minutes)


10 Miracles of Jesus workbook 

This 10-part study of some of the most well-known miracles of Jesus, will encourage and enlighten you. The question is often asked: Do you believe in miracles? If you believe in your head but doubt in your heart that God still works miracles today, this workbook (and the accompanying 10-part video series) will answer many of your questions. The videos that go with this workbook can be found HERE. Take a closer look at the miracles of Jesus as Buckingham points out truths about our God who is still active in the world today. Discover the history and culture that surrounds some of Jesus’ most notable miracles in this fascinating account. (2 hours, 24 minutes)


Coping With Criticism

How do you respond when you receive criticism from your spouse or your employer? Does criticism emotionally devastate you? Jamie Buckingham takes the risk of exposing his own struggles and inadequacies to help you deal with criticism. Learn how to receive criticism without fear, by replacing your defense mechanisms with honesty, love, forgiveness, and a sense of humor.

So, are you coping with criticism or are you just reacting to it? Are you learning what God may be saying to you through your critics or are you ignoring the hidden message? Jamie shares his life stories and his struggles to deal with critics. His insights are humorous, poignant and wise. He discusses the truth about lying and what makes us want to avoid criticism.

In the end, Jamie knows that loving and forgiving others, even those who mean us harm, is the way Jesus handled His critics….and so should we.

This book will make you laugh, make you cringe, and make you ponder God’s wisdom in our relationships with those around us, all the while leading you into a deeper relationship with the One who is always watching over us. (5 hours, 26 minutes)

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