BR 1.7.85 — Inaugural Issue – Prophetic Preaching; Policy for Outside Speakers; Excesses in Faith Healing Forces New Laws

BR 1.23.85 — Handling Sexual Immorality in a Staff Member

BR 2.6.85 — Christians Under Attack in Israel; The Servant Boss (Rate Yourself as a Pastor)

BR 2.20.85 — Facing Civil Disobedience; Tongues in the Church; Burnout; False Expectations

BR 3.6.85 — Quotes that Preach; Managing Time; Pastoral Counseling

BR 3.20.85 — Changing Attitudes Among Discipleship Leaders (Charles Simpson, Bob Mumford, Derek Prince, Don Basham, Ern Baxter)

BR 4.3.85 — Catholics Becoming More Catholic; After Reagan, Who?; Crisis in World Missions; Plan Your Vacation; Good Leadership

BR 4.17.85 — Totally There; Sales and Service; Sympathy or Empathy; Positive Reinforcement

BR 5.1.85 — No Longer Under the Cloud?; Non-Charismatics Fight Back; Dealing With Anger; Instructions to Visiting Speakers

BR 5.15.85 — Overcoming Writer’s/Preacher’s Block; Earning Trust From Your Staff; Southern Baptists Turn up the Heat; The Pastor and Life Insurance

BR 6.5.85 — In Praise of Praise; Setting up a Staff Retirement Plan; Staff Policy Procedures; The Christian Business?

BR 6.19.85 — Key Evangelical Becomes Roman Catholic; Baptist Pastor “Markets” Ministry; Notes From Charismatic Leaders’ Meeting in St. Louis

BR 7.3.85 — Pastors and Churches Dragged into Court

BR 7.17.85 — Reagan’s Non-Church Attendance Explained; Mormon Leaders Admit Roots in Occult; Moonies Courting Ministers; Dead Sea Scrolls

BR 8.7.85 — Pastor on the Periphery; Israel High Court Rules Against Project Kibbutz; Problems with Christian Embassy in Jerusalem; Home Schools

BR 8.21.85 — Vatican Investigating Apparition in Yugoslavia; Robertson for President; Taking Christ to the Marketplace; Training Young Pastors

BR 9.4.85 — Greeting Visitors in Church; Running a Clean Ship; Rumblings at Fuller Seminary

BR 9.18.85 — Rambo and the Ministry; Making Those Incredible Healings Credible

BR 10.2.85 — The Bad Boss; The Successful Salesman

BR 10.16.85 — North America Congress on the Holy Spirit and World Evangelization; Church Staff Relationships

BR 11.6.85 — Baptist TV Network in Trouble; Warning for Christian Schools; Dry Holes in Israel; Bent Pride; Stress Vulnerability

BR 11.20.85 — Ground Rules for Small Groups; Living in High Gear; The American Church has Spiritual AIDS

BR 12.4.85 — Planning Your Estate; Planning Your Family; Witch Hunting Revived; Leadership – Good, Better, Best

BR 12.18.85 — Hosting and Compensating Guest Speakers and Musicians