BR 1.8.86 – Christian Embassy in Jerusalem Suffers Split

BR 1.22.86 – Open Attack on Swaggart; The British House Church Movement

BR 2.5.86 – Responsibility and Authority; Team vs. Family; Guidelines for Commitment

BR 2.19.86 – Oral Roberts Causes Stir at Maranatha Conference; Full Gospel Chaplaincy Grows; Reaching Foreign Nations; Listening to the Voice of the Underground

BR 3.5.86 – Cosmonauts Report Angels in Space; Oral Roberts Forms Ministerial Fraternity

BR 3.19.86 – What’s Going on at PTL?

BR 4.2.86 – Handling Doctrinal Disagreements; The Christian Leaders Report Card;

BR 4.16.86 – Unchanging Character Traits; What is God Saying Today; Turmoil in Israel;

BR 5.7.86 – When You Have to Fire a Staff Member; Winning Thousands but Alienating Millions

BR 5.21.86 – The Workaholic Pastor; Two Leaders-One Head

BR 6.6.86 – The New Move of God; Why Pastors Don’t Listen;

BR 6.20.86 – Dealing with Prophetic Types in Church; Backfire or Burnout; Dealing with Superego

BR 7.7.86 – Caution to Churches: Political Endorsements Dangerous

BR 7.18.86 – Keep it Personal; Responding to Criticism

BR 8.6.86 – The Curse of Debt; Greed; Debtor Church; What Really Happened in Tulsa; Discipleship Leaders Break Up

BR 8.27.86 – Overcoming the Welfare Mentality; Organizational Dry Rot; God and Politics

NOTE: In September 1986 Buckingham Report went from being a bi-weekly newsletter to being a bi-monthly insert in Ministries Today magazine.

BR Sept-Oct 1986 – Robertson and Bush: The Presidential Campaign; A Day With Pat Robertson

BR Nov-Dec 1986 – A New Vision – Americans For Robertson; Jerry Falwell Backing Off; New Wine Ceases Publication