BR Jan-Feb 1988 – Restoration; Treating Your Staff as Individuals; Southern Baptists Tighten Screws on Charismatics, Divorcees, Thinkers and Free Press

BR Mar-Apr 1988 – How Much Too Tell; Stepping Aside; Books You Need to Read; Making Decisions

BR May-June 1988 – Spotting the Danger Signs; Help For Wounded Leaders; The Indispensable Pastor; Handling Loss

BR July-Aug 1988 – Ten Deadly Sins of Pastoral Management; Solving Problems vs. Pursuing Opportunities; Handling Complainers

BR Sept-Oct 1988 – What About Church Membership?; When a Child Dies; The Nation’s #1 Problem; Taking Over a New Church; How to Get Your Way

BR Nov-Dec 1988 – Christians and Ollie North; Controversial Minister Benches Himself For a Time of Healing; Learning From Past Failures; Leadership vs. Management