BR Jan-Feb 1989 — American Believers and South Africa; Code of Ethics; Idols in the Church; Men of Vision; Clowns in the Pulpit; Changing Trends in Communication

BR Mar-Apr 1989 — The Art of Being in Control; Handling Applause; Four Absolutes of Quality Pastoral Management; Disciplines to Set You Free

BR May-June 1989 — Changing the Command in the Local Church (The Relief Pitcher; The New Pastor; Following a Dictator; The Personality Pastor; Following a Fallen Pastor)

BR July-Aug 1989 What is Happening to the Charismatic Movement; The High Pressure of Youth Ministry; Your Call to the Ministry

BR Sept-Oct 1989 — Where Can Pastors Go for Help; Guidelines for Restoration of Fallen Ministers; Identity; Pastoral (and Church) Image; W.A. Criswell Charged with Plagiarism

BR Nov-Dec 1989 Sympathetic Applause; Transferring the Fire; Even Though You May Be Small, Think Big; The Case for Young Leaders