BR Jan-Feb 1990 — Prophecies; Seasons in the Church; Looking into the ’90s — A Special Report

BR Mar-Apr 1990 — Looking Far Ahead (Survival, Loyalty, Long-term Commitment); Are You a Leader or a Manager; Pastoral Management Evaluation

BR May-June 1990 — Evaluating the New “Prophecy Movement” (Personal Conclusions, Judging Prophecy)

BR July-Aug 1990 — Controversy Over Kansas City Fellowship Sputtering Out (Heresy Trial Requested, Vineyard Christian Fellowship Steps In); Handling Persecution; Picking up After an Affair

BR Sept-Oct 1990 — FBI Warns Churches to Expect Mail Bombs; Know Thy Members – And Prospects; Church Growth Related to Ministry to Children; Management by Walking Around

BR Nov-Dec 1990 — Bless You All (Jamie’s diagnosis and what God told him)