BR Jan-Feb 1991 — Helps for Healing (Prophetic Words, Life-giving Testimonies, Healing Scriptures, Battling Fear and Depression); Cultural Christianity; Christians from a Jewish Perspective

BR Mar-Apr 1991 — Hearing God Together; Successful Preaching; The Last Heartbeat of America

BR May-June 1991 — How Much is Too Much; The Wages of Sin Pay the Attorneys; Russian Refugees; Burning the Deadwood in the Church Organization; Mending Broken Leaders

BR July-Aug 1991 — The Church’s Shifting Center of Gravity; The Necessity of Serving; Lessons in the Wilderness

BR Sept-Oct 1991 — Frightening Trends in Church Growth; Summer of Miracles; Brighton ’91

BR Nov-Dec 1991 — Are Staff Members Called, Too; Change with Society — Or Die; Quo Vadis Episcopalians