How To Get Ready To Die

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Jamie Buckingham Sermon Series #11

We all face death. It’s inevitable. The Scriptures say that life is a mist that appears for a little while then vanishes. The fact is, life as a Christian is a process of learning not only how to live, but how to get ready to die.

What’s the key? The way to get ready to die, Jamie Buckingham states, is to simply die ahead of time. The way to get ready for the casket is to go by way of the Cross. The way to get ready for eternal life is to lay down your life here on earth.

Only then will you be able to face not only the challenge of dying, but also the challenges of living. As a Christian, life becomes a great adventure the moment you recognize that you are already dead to the world—and alive in Christ!


The following quotes by Jamie are taken directly from How to Get Ready to Die.

“It is not God’s intent for His servants to die by disease.”

“In the critical hour of your life, God will tell you what to do.”

“You are unique. You are important to God.”

“Nothing comes into the life of the believer that God is not first aware of and approves.”

“Life will never be fulfilled here on this earth. And if we spend all our time trying to fulfill it, we’re going to miss the higher calling God has for us.”

“The way to get ready to die is to go ahead and die (in Christ) ahead of time.”