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Jamie Buckingham Sermon Series #17

What it is really like to be inside the kingdom of God? Is everyone just lounging around all day, not working hard, relaxing? What Jamie Buckingham describes in this booklet is probably far different from your own version of what being in God’s kingdom is all about. Jamie answers the question: Why is my life still so hard even though I have been a follower of Jesus for so long? 

Quotes from Inside the Kingdom of God.

“The Kingdom of God looks a whole lot different from the inside than it did from the outside.”

“God reveals His will only to those who are committed to do it regardless of the price.”

“There is a basic difference between a good idea and God’s idea.”

“Whom God loves he beats the Hell out of.”

“When God puts his finger on something wrong in your life, it’s because He loves you.” 

“Religious liars are no more acceptable to God than non-religious liars.”

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