These videos are from a classroom series, Bible Basics, taught by Jamie in 1988

-0063 dad at summit of mt carmel - 1990

Who is God? – 3/6/1988 “The attributes of God are: Spirit, Infinity, Perfection, Source, Creation and Morality.”

Who is Jesus? – 3/13/1988 “God’s means of communicating Himself to us – the Word of God becoming flesh.”

Who is the Holy Spirit? – 3/20/1988 “God the Spirit, the third attribute of our God, three in one.”

What is the Baptism in the Holy Spirit? – 3/27/1988 “The dealings of the practical application of the Holy Spirit in our lives — what it is and what it means to us.”

What is Communion? – 4/24/1988 “The concept of the sacraments is an outer sign of the inner workings of God.”

What is the Church? – 5/1/1988 “The church is the body of Christ – Jesus said, ‘I will build my church.'”