Stand Aside and Let God Work

Jamie recounts how God told him that if he would just get out of the way, He would work. Preaching doesn’t change lives, nor does worship. What changes lives is acknowledging that Jesus is Lord and allowing His Holy Spirit to move.

Leadership Conference

Jamie discusses his understanding of who a leader is and what a leader’s role in the body of Christ should be. He also talks about the role of the “home church.”

A Word to Church Leaders

Jamie speaks to a group of church leaders in London, England, about the need for transparency among those who lead. He encourages all of us to raise our sails and go where the Spirit is going.

Turkeys or Eagles

Jamie begins by asking several questions designed to determine who we are as Christians. He then tells his famous “Are you an Eagle or a Turkey?” story. He concludes by saying God wants four things for us: to be happy, healthy, prosperous and at peace. Despite being raised by “turkeys,” we are in fact eagles.