God is ready and waiting to meet you.

Meeting God at Every Corner is an exciting new 365-day devotional based entirely on the teachings of Jamie Buckingham, one of the best-known and best-loved Christian leaders of his time.

   Jamie was known for his unique ability to teach God’s Word with grace, insight, transparency, and humor. Always relatable and accessible, Jamie sought to be Spirit-led in everything he said and did–and to encourage his fellow believers to do the same.
   A decade in the making, this 365-day devotional is the complication and capstone of Jamie’s teachings, adapted from sermons recorded over a 22-year period. Each devotion is written to give you a fresh glimpse into the multi-faceted heart of God and to challenge and inspire you to be led by His Spirit.
   Jamie’s teaching is as relevant today as ever–and maybe more so, given the unique hour in which we live. Allow him to take you on this year-long, Spirit-led, Spirit-filled journey. Deepen your understanding of what it means to live each day as Jamie did, knowing that God is always there, ready and waiting to meet you at every  corner.


Jamie Buckingham’s Meeting God at Every Corner is a devotional that leads us into encountering the presence of God in life-changing ways. As such, it is a priceless resource. Its brilliant insights aid us in anchoring our souls in the Word of God. That is vital in our days as the chaos of the world system attempts to divert our attention away from God and dilute our affection for Christ. Meeting God at Every Corner presents us with 365 opportunities to encounter God’s heart, continuously reestablishing our identity as children of God. I can’t imagine a better investment of our time.

–Bill Johnson, Senior Leader, Bethel Church, Redding, CA


Watch this great video endorsement from Dr. James O. Davis, President of Global Church Network:   WATCH VIDEO 

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Here’s what readers are saying . . .


I purchased a copy on Amazon as soon as it was released. Since then, I have sent two copies to folks who sat under your dad’s ministry during our time at the Tab.

You and Michele did an amazing job putting this devotional together. I know it was a labor of love on your part. I am also sure it will be a treasure for God’s kingdom going forward. We tend to take for granted the power of the Holy Spirt in our daily walk as Christ Followers. This book is Spirt-filled with wisdom and encouragement as we pursue God’s call on our life.

Ps. Christmas is coming, and your book will be on my list for family and friends.

–Hugh H.


So, the book (brick) came in, and wow! Awesome work you and Michele did! Congratulations! The content is inspiring, and perfect for my attention span too. 😉 Oh, and the cover is perfect.

–Andre L.


Just want to let you know what a great blessing Meeting God at Every Corner really is each and every day. It is outstanding! Each devotional message is right on and so edifying. Excellent way to start every day.

I do hope the response has been strong. If people only knew! It is the best devotional book available. Every page is filled with encouraging, challenging, and edifying messages. It causes one to reflect and ponder on God’s love and His amazing grace!

Thanks to you and Michele for all your hard work. The amazing thing is that you have the messages live and where they can be accessed on your website. Just that alone is worth far more than the price of the book! The wonderful flashback memories are many and so special for me.

Well done!

–Jim J.


I have read the daily devotions since I got it. You did a great job. Not hard to see your dad in each one.

–Harvey H.


Wow, Meeting God at Every Corner is so much more than a devotional book!

I couldn’t put this devotional down until I’d read the 18 [Endorsements], Introduction, Table of Contents, scanned the 5 appendices, looked up in Appendix 3 the two devotionals and then read them that have additional scripture references to John 14:12, one of my favorite and most challenging Scriptures. The only interruptions were to obtain tissues several times when tears of Holy Spirit impact flowed…

Bruce and Michele have truly created a masterpiece devotional for today, Holy Spirit inspired, based on the sermons of Jamie Buckingham! Thank you for your devotion and persistence to complete this project. It’s time to let the light of the message shine so others may be blessed, as I certainly have been!

Having been a member of the Tabernacle Church in Melbourne, Florida, during the 1970’s and 1990’s, this devotional has brought the referenced messages by Jamie Buckingham back to life.

–John D.





Just bought another copy of the devotional, Meeting God at Every Corner, for my sister. She read one of the pages in my copy and immediately wanted the devotional for herself . . . Jamie is still teaching and inspiring people through this devotional, the best I have ever read. I will start all over again next year because it is timeless.

–Linda L.



Even the devotion titles are inspiring! Gifting to others, as this devotional is a precious reference and resource. Thank you!

–JJ H.


Truly inspiring! A great way to start or end every day!

— E. Nel


We thank you for the years, months, days, and hours it must have taken you both to edit and so knowledgeably put together this marvelous book, Meeting God at Every Corner. It is not only an amazing work, but every page includes practical and exciting ways to do just that: meet our Lord Jesus and choose to go His way! Being in a devotional format causes us to read it eagerly and daily. We always, always learn and act on new ways to know Him, obey Him, put our hand in His, and walk with Him through the minutes of each day. Thank you from our hearts!

–C. B.


Meeting God at Every Corner was an immediate blessing and will continue to be a daily blessing indefinitely.

I enjoyed reading all the preliminary intros and I’m impressed that you and Michele devoted 10 years of work to this project. We’ll done.

My starting day was 6/26 and I was quickly drawn in by Romans 7:18. I love Romans but even more specifically chapters 5, 6 & 7. These were our main focus over the years leading an Overcomers ministry.

You mentioned in the Intro that the purpose is to get to know God better, more so than [knowing] your father. I understand, but I already have learned much about Jamie that I never knew. Being called pastorally, I have always compared myself to other pastors (in a good way) to see who I most identify with. In just a few short pages I already can see that I would have enjoyed knowing your dad.

A big thank you to you and Michele. God bless you both and all that you are doing to advance the kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

–Craig N.



BONUS! Click HERE to view video devotionals from Meeting God at Every Corner, as shared by Bruce Buckingham.