These audio messages are taken directly from conferences held in Great Britain. The conferences were held in London and Romford, England, and one in Belfast, Ireland, in 1985-1986. 

Thanks to for preserving these teachings and allowing us to download them from their website. 


Forgiveness — God has called each of us for a divine purpose. It’s our reason for being alive. But we may never experience that purpose unless we learn to forgive. Our purpose is to allow the love of God to flow through us out into a hurting world. But it will only come to pass as we open our hearts to others by forgiveness. As you forgive others the love of God will flow through you. (1986 – Belfast, Ireland, 2 parts)


On Writing — Jamie gives several pointers about writing in this short Q&A at a conference in London. (1986)


A God of Encouragement — Jamie shares about how the Holy Spirit will help fulfill our God given dreams if we will allow him to fill us and use us. When the Holy Spirit comes into our lives, He activities the dreams that God placed there from the very beginning of time. (Romford, England — 1985)


Turkeys or Eagles — Jamie begins by asking several questions designed to determine who we are as Christians. He then tells his famous “Are you an Eagle or a Turkey?” story. He concludes by saying God wants four things for us: to be happy, healthy, prosperous and at peace. Despite being raised by “turkeys,” we are in fact eagles. (London, England — 1986)