These are videos of Jamie teaching at locations other than his home church.

(Videos are shared with permission.) 

JB 1974 Montreat 1

JB videos from Christian Believers United (CBU) Conferences (1990-1991) in Montreat and Ridgecrest, NC

Proclaiming Truth in Worship (Nov. 1991) **NEW** “We need to Exalt Jesus” (a.k.a Believing lies and proclaiming truth)

God is Preparing You (Nov. 1991) **NEW** “Receive what God gives you and walk it out!” (a.k.a Christ our Passover Lamb)

Examine Your Calling (Fall 1991)  (a.k.a. – Holding Up Under Affliction) “There is only one thing that stands forever, and that is the Word of our Lord . . . I have today and today only. And I will live today to it’s fullest.”

The Priesthood of All Believers (Nov. 22, 1991) (a.k.a – God’s Enemies – Self-reliance and Self-confidence) “God often allows entire ministries to crumble just to get the leader to the place to where he no longer relies upon himself.”

You Must Follow Jesus (1991) (“I shudder when I see what is happening in the church today, and I see the church taking on the flavor of the culture around us . . .”)

Jamie speaks on his Healing at Christian Believers United Conference (11/16/90) (Ridgecrest, NC) (“It is Satan’s scourge to kill the people of God and to wipe-out God’s folks.”)

Resist the Devil – (excerpted from JB Healing video 11/16/90) (If the Bible is not the Word of God then we should just close all the churches, sell the buildings, and never come back again. Eat, drink and be merry because [if the Bible is not the word of God] the whole thing is a farce.”) 


JB Videos from Other Locations

6/18/91 – Jamie speaks at Oral Roberts University’s ICBM Conference. (Tulsa, OK) (“I thought that I might die falling off a mountain or getting shot by a jealous husband, but never did I think I would go out like this.”)

1989 – “Laughing at Life” – Jamie speaks at James Robison Evangelistic Association Conference. (Ft. Worth, TX) (“It’s time for Christians to come out of the closet and admit that we are just like everybody else and laugh at ourselves a little bit.”)

 6/14/89 – “Grace, Love and Fellowship” – Jamie speaks at  Carpenters Home Church. (Lakeland, FL) (“You can’t have ‘instant’ anything. You can’t have instant church, or instant maturity . . . you have to work it out.”)