Jamie Buckingham
Jamie Buckingham

The following are songs taken from a number of Tabernacle Church services between 1976 and 1980. They are mostly scripture songs with a few others added in simply because they flowed together with the rest of the music. Jamie Buckingham and an early pastor/song leader named Ray Baker lead the songs. They are called scripture songs for the simple reason the lyrics are taken directly from Bible verses. The PDF lists the songs and the verses and the dates of the original recording.

Click here for a list of the Tabernacle Church scripture songs (1976-1980)

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Come Let Us Praise Him — This is a two-part praise and worship tape with Jamie, Jimmy Smith and others from 1984. This one Sunday morning was dedicated solely to praise and worship. (1984) 


In the following recording from the early 1970s at the Tabernacle Church, Melbourne, Florida, Jamie Buckingham and his minister of music, Ray Baker, turn a Sunday morning service into a morning of worship and praise.


This is a scripture chorus teaching tape with Jamie Buckingham and Saundra Reed from the early 1970s. It features many of the scripture songs sung each week at the Tabernacle Church, Melbourne, Florida.


The following tape is a recording by Tabernacle minister of music Ray Baker in the 1970s.


Songs of Praise – The following tape is a piano recording only of the scripture melodies from the Tabernacle. Recorded and played by Inez Thompson in the early 1970s.