Jamie Buckingham served as Editor-in-Chief for Ministries Today magazine from 1989 to the time of his death in early 1992. Each issue he wrote a “Preview” column for the magazine. These columns are all found on this page in pdf form.

Jamie Buckingham
Jamie Buckingham


Profitable Fellowship – Jan/Feb

Operation Rescue – March/April

Raising up Leaders – May/June

The Happy Hunters – July/Aug

For the “Little Pastors” – Sept/Oct

Facing Today’s Problems – Nov/Dec


New Faces – Jan/Feb

No Pouting – March/April

The Jesus Question – May/June

Restoring Fallen Leaders – July/Aug

A Kingdom Perspective – Sept/Oct — Many whom I have judged have been the first ones God sent to pray for me.

Standing Together – Nov/Dec — I needed someone to lean on during those crisis hours.


Judging Others – Jan/Feb — I had a choice: enter and stay in His hallowed presence with thanksgiving, or sit outside the gate and judge others.

The Power of Encouragement – March/April — “Hold your ground. You are needed here.”

To Whom Does the Pastor Submit? – May/June — Submission to external oversight will never substitute for the necessity of a pastor submitting to elders or spiritual peers within the local body.

The Health Insurance Crisis – July/Aug — Individual health insurance policies are virtually out of reach, and group premiums are soaring. What can be done?

Children are People, Too – Sept/Oct — A church with more adults than children is a dying church.

News and Prophetic Views – Nov/Dec — Our role should be prophetic — in inform Christian leaders what God is saying and doing.


Solitude – Jan/Feb — Without solitude we remain victims of a society that forces us to look to others for meaning — rather than to God alone.