These messages were delivered at various Christian Believers United conferences. Most  CBU conferences were held at Montreat College in Montreat, N.C.

JB 1974 Montreat 1

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Becoming the Person God Wants You to Be — Why do so many of us fall short of where God wants us to be? The Holy Spirit came to challenge us to be a person with purpose, to do the impossible, to go when and where Jesus beckons, to trust God, to step out and walk on water. (CBU Tape # 1007 — November 22, 1974)


We Have Dominion Today — In Genesis, when God said we are to rule over every living thing, He was speaking to the very core of our existence, all the way down to every cell in our body. We are to have dominion over everything that has life. (CBU tape #1748, November 22, 1985)


We Are Pilgrims — Jamie discusses walking in spiritual maturity and that also means understanding we are just pilgrims on this earth. He lists four things that happen to Christians once we come to an understanding of this principle. (CBU tape # 1199, November 19, 1977) 


Great Joy — Jamie teaches on joy in the kingdom of God using the vast differences of two kings of Judea, Ahaz and his son Hezekiah, as examples. Ahaz was evil and brought great destruction to the land while Hezekiah led the people back to the Lord and with that came great joy. (CBU tape #1170, November 19, 1976)


Are You Serious About Jesus? — Jamie discusses the AIDS epidemic (from a 1986 perspective) and asks the question: How are we as Christians supposed to deal with it? He then moves into the aspect of the Church needing to unify. Only in unity can we successfully combat the schemes of the devil. (CBU tape #1835, November 1986)


The Inside of the Kingdom —  Jamie looks closely at the godly lessons from the book of Haggai and comes away with three keys for dealing with adversity in the life of a Christian: 1) determine the spiritual force behind the adversity; 2) do we really want God in our life or are we just hoping for relief; and 3) if you want God, what are the keys to coming into His presence. (CBU tape # 1531, November 20, 1982) Click here to get the book based on this message! 



Navigating the Narrow Path Jamie teaches on making certain our walk through this life is it not on the broad road that leads to destruction but on the narrow path the leads to the cross. And as we walk that narrow path are we bearing fruit or are we like the fig tree that only had leaves and which Jesus cursed? (CBU tape # 1003, November 21, 1974) 


A Risky WalkJamie teaches on several spiritual truths including: (1) How a task is done is more important to God than whether it is completed or not. (2) To be kind is more important that being right. (3) Is it possible to be supernaturally led by God and protected by God yet still miss His purpose for your life? (CBU tape #1145, November 1975)


Changes – Senior Saints – Jamie teaches on the principle that no matter how old we are God wants us to be useful in His Kingdom. In fact, the older we are the more we have to offer in terms of spiritual wisdom and life experiences. We are never too old to serve. (CBU tape #1809, 1986) Click here to get the book based on this message!


Traveling Light Jamie teaches on the simplicity of the gospel of Christ and how we need to learn to be willing to travel light in our walk with Him, casting off things of this world, and begin to focus on the things important in the Kingdom of God and His purpose for our lives. (CBU tape #1529, November 19, 1982)