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Jamie Buckingham Sermon Series #4

It is God’s plan for us all to grow old and to go through physical changes. But it is not God’s purpose for us to grow old and stop serving Him. Regardless of how old you are or how you feel physically, God has a plan for your life. Regardless of age, you have high value to God.

God does not want his people to retire from His service. He needs you now more than ever. He needs you during all of your living years. I don’t see any place in God’s concept for life that people are to retire and sit in a rocking chair all the rest of their days. That is not God’s plan for your life.

Stop living like you are already dead! Be excited about your future regardless of how far your past goes back. The doors ahead are open. Be creative and productive all the way up to the time God calls you home. Get involved in your church. Be a light to the world. Shine until your last breath. Don’t let your age or physical inabilities ever stop you from doing the ministry God still has planned for you.


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