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This book of reflections on life was written very early in Jamie Buckingham’s career as a writer. The majority of these stories grew out of a series of daily radio commentaries over Station WCRS, Greenwood, South Carolina, when Jamie was a young, but “senior” pastor at the South Main Street Baptist Church from 1959-1966. “After each recording, the manuscripts fell back into my dusty files,” he wrote years later. “They would have stayed there forever had it not been for a friend and author, Irene Harrell, from Wilson, North Carolina.”

This was supposed to have been Jamie’s first book, but events overtook its publication, and five other books were published first, including his very first book, Run Baby Run, books written for Kathryn Kuhlman, including God Can Do It Again, and books written for Corrie ten Boom including Tramp for the Lord.

Some Gall’s 67 sharply drawn sketches are not only good reading but thought-provoking as well. Filled with insight, they are prefaced by relevant scripture and conclude with a very personal prayer, reflecting the down-to-earth spirituality of a man who sought God’s message in his day-to-day life.

Jamie characterized himself as “a rebel, fighting against the sameness and traditionalism of the establishment” for as long as he could remember. He viewed writing as an opportunity to express himself in ways more lasting than preaching three sermons a week, which he continued to do with great enthusiasm until his death in 1992.