Summer of Miracles 

It was a summer like no other in this famed Christian writer’s life.

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“We seem to have the idea that at the last minute God will rescue us. But God is saying that the higher faith is to walk with Him through the pain and suffering, and the valley of the shadow of death, and, if necessary, die . . . yet, still believing at the same time.” – Jamie Buckingham, June 13, 1976.

Jamie Buckingham was in his prime as one of the best-known Christian writers in the world when he got a surprise diagnosis–inoperable cancer–and “You only have months to live.” This book details the timeline from the point of the doctor’s initial diagnosis, to the prayers of his family and church, to the revised diagnosis, through his subsequent operation, and his eventual healing.

This is a story of a God who cares. This is a story of hope, encouragement, and the true-life experiences of a man who was told he was going to die, yet he continued to seek God and hold out hope that the Lord of the universe was with him and would be with him all the way to the end–whenever that was to be.

This is a story about standing on God’s Word while also struggling with the biblical concepts of faith and, most of all, God’s power to heal. It’s about how to act when your friend, your father or your husband is in big trouble; it’s about the importance of close family and long-term relationships–two crucial things so many of us are missing in our modern transient society.

Don’t wait until you need a miracle to read this book. Learn now how to live and appreciate your life before you face the end of it.

This revised edition of Summer of Miracles which was first published in 1991, includes many never before published photos; a never before published “Afterword” by Jamie’s son Bruce; and the transcription of Jamie’s last sermon to his congregation of the Tabernacle Church in January 1992.


I am always inspired and challenged by Jamie Buckingham’s writings. He has made me laugh, brought tears to my eyes and challenged me in more ways than one. In his recent encounter in the battle against cancer, Jamie challenges us to greater heights of faith while at the same time helping us guard against presumption. Through the continuing manifest miracles, healing and personal comfort, we will draw even more life and inspiration. This may very well be his greatest contribution in all of his writings. — James Robison, international evangelist

In spirit I lived through each day of this experience with Jamie. His refusal to capitulate to the enemy is an inspiration. Jackie’s role as a prayer-partner-wife is unforgettable. The combination of distinctive word-pictures, penetrating insights and invaluable teaching on being an overcomer make this book a five-star production. — Leonard LeSourd, author, former editor-in-chief of Guideposts

Following Jamie and Jackie through their wrenching personal experience, you learn with them God’s greatest lesson: how to wrestle with the devil until we win; how to wrestle with God until He wins. –John Sherrill, author, contributing editor for Guideposts

Some people are survivors. Others are more than conquerors. This book is a powerful story of the latter. – Bernie May, U.S. Division Director, Wycliffe Bible Translators

John and I are so thrilled that Jamie has written a book that will bless multitudes of people all over the world. Only a person who has gone through something like this can offer the same comfort that the Lord Jesus has given them. Jackie and Jamie are tremendous people of faith and power, and we are so glad that “through God they will do valiantly because He has tread down their enemies.” –Dodie Osteen, Co-pastor, Lakewood Church, Houston, Texas

If you are suffering physically, this book will be a tremendous encouragement. If your body is strong, let this book point you toward spiritual health as well. — Pat Robertson, President, Christian Broadcasting Network


Summer of Miracles Scripture Readings — Jamie Buckingham reads various healing scripture verses in this two-part production audio tape.