The Brightness of Your Rising

The Brightness of Your Rising 

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This full-length book (256 pages) is written to the church. It is specifically written so the church can be prepared for the final days, the days before the return of Christ. When Jamie presented these five messages, it was his desire for the body of Christ to anticipate and prepare for the eventual return of our Lord, as He promised He would. Chapters include: True and False Teachers, Dominion, Deception, Inner Healing and Spiritual Gifts. This book is directed toward the spiritual growth of every believer. 


The following quotes by Jamie are taken directly from The Brightness of Your Rising.

“I am calling for a return to Bible principles when problems arise within the body.”

“Jesus never had to defend the kingdom of God. He just reached out in love.”

“There is absolutely no way to refute the testimony of a person whose life has been changed by God.”

“Satan only comes for those who are going to be useful in the kingdom of God.”

“I believe a church is out of order if it does not allow spiritual gifts to take place.”

“You cannot defend the Holy Spirit and reveal Him at the same time.”