The Weights of Life 

(Trusting God in Tough Times)

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Jamie Buckingham Sermon Series #8

In this booklet, Jamie Buckingham shares how the weights in this life, like the weights on a grandfather clock, keep us moving in the right direction. Without them, we may stop seeking God’s guidance, or just stop altogether.

Jamie states that when God molds and shapes a person, He will often place weights on them — burdens in their life that they must bear, crosses for them to carry, hardships to endure.

“It’s amazing how fruitful our most serious disappointments can be if we will simply let God lead us in the process. I believe that is one of the principles God has been trying to teach His church across these centuries. We are not to look for an escape from our trials, but we’re to learn from them, to cope with them, to walk through them . . .”