A collection of quotes by Jamie Buckingham


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“Success does not come by making popular decisions. It comes by obeying God.”

“One reason there are so many unhappy Christians is they feel God should be doing them favors and heaping upon them material rewards and benefits, rather than working as a Carpenter to shape their lives back into His own image.”

“Life is designed by God as a pilgrimage composed of many wildernesses. God is forever saying to all of us, Travel Light! Do not stop to build monuments. Do not overload yourself with sentimental memorabilia that ties the heartstrings to things of the past. Do not stake out sections of land as “sacred” and declare you can never leave them behind. If you have precious belongings, send them ahead. For as Jesus said, ‘Where your treasure is, there is your heart also.'”

These and many other quotes and excerpts from a variety of Jamie’s popular books and teachings have been compiled into a single book. It is great for your own devotional or as a gift for a friend or family member.

Jamie was a popular teacher/pastor from Melbourne, Florida. He was known worldwide for his books and teachings. Recently many of his materials have been digitized and made available once again at

I pray you will be richly blessed by his words as others have been over the years. They are, indeed, from the heart of God.