Going Through the Rapids

Jamie gets honest regarding some of his failings in dealing properly with issues and transitions in the body of the Tabernacle Church. He asks the church to hang on as we run the rapids because God is preparing something great and wonderful ahead. He uses the book of Joel to draw comparisons and make his points.

It’s Not Easy to be a Tree

Jamie teaches from Joshua 1:13 and the new things of God. When God brings us into a new dimension of our life, He gives us rest, and peace and with that comes the expectation of change.

Keep Your Fountain Flowing

God has given us the fountain of life. However, it is in the spiritual realm. You can’t see it, taste it or smell it. But if your fountain is not clean, it can stop flowing and grow stagnant. Jamie identifies several issues that can block your spiritual fountain from flowing.

The Crossover Life

Jamie teaches how in our Christian life we, like the children of Israel crossing into Jordan, have similar experiences, and we can never go back to the way we used to be. We must continue to change, grow and move forward. When we decide to follow Jesus, there is no turning back

Transition by Power

As we come to the end of something, the year, a day, a relationship, or anything else, the only way you can receive the power of God to move on is by looking forward and not looking back.

You are Fast Becoming What You Already Are (Creases)

People don’t really change just because they grow older. Instead, they emerge. Who they really are is magnified with age. You are what you are to the day you die, unless, somewhere along the way to old age, you are changed. Jesus will change you and forgive you of your sinful attitudes. Otherwise, you will always be who you are now.