The Kingdom: Living Together

True Christians make up a shrinking minority in this country. The only way we’re going to stay alive and active in the future is to put into practice the Word of God and live in community with each other — koinonia.


Jamie talks how God is leading the body of Christ in Melbourne to live in community with each other. Not only will we be reaching out to the unsaved world but we will grow in our spiritual maturity.

Reaction and Recovery

Jesus commands us to live peaceably with each other. But to do that we must deal with root issues like anger, bitterness, greed and pride. In order to follow even the most basic commands of Jesus, to love our neighbors as ourselves, we must have our roots deep into the Holy Spirit and continually draw from his power.

Where Should We be Buried?

For many, the place we want to be buried is where our true homes are. But Jesus gave no thought to where he was to be buried. He knew where his real home was. We too have our true home with Christ and with our extended family in Christ.