Signs of His Life

In this Easter sermon, Jamie invites three people from the congregation to share how Jesus miraculously changed their lives.  Such testimonies are proof that Jesus is still alive and working powerfully within us today.

Good Friday Service

In this Good Friday service, Jamie discusses the fruit of the Spirit and how they are to be understood as a whole, not separated into individual components.

Easter Is Now

The resurrection is at the heart of every teaching in the New Testament. Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life.” In this Easter message, Jamie explains how the resurrection addresses our every need.

Easter Sunday Service

Jesus always initiates the relationship. He comes to us, just as He came to the men on the Emmaus road. But so often our eyes are blinded because we are looking in the wrong direction—away from Jerusalem and the empty tomb. We allow discouragement and despair, instead of the promises of God, to determine our direction.

Symbol of Freedom

In this Easter morning service, Jamie discusses some of the various symbols that have represented Christianity across the centuries, including the earliest found in the Roman catacombs. But more than a symbol, what’s important is our relationship with Jesus, who became a fragrant offering unto God, the aroma of which still lingers in the world today.

Death has Lost its Stinger

In this Easter Sunday message Jamie states that for the Christian there is no reason to fear death. Nor do we have to die to begin to experience heaven. Still, life is but a proving ground for the glorious things to come if we make the rights choices while on earth.

Easter in the Park

Jamie preaches to an Easter morning outdoor gathering of the Tabernacle on the death of Jesus and his resurrection.

Interfacing with Eternity

In this Easter message, Jamie says the resurrection of Jesus Christ is at the center of everything we do and live. Everything else falls to pieces. There is no life any place else. The resurrection is what makes the gospel of Jesus come alive. Otherwise it’s just a dead system of ethics. A religion. Christianity is not a religion.

Seated on a Donkey

In this Palm Sunday message Jamie explains that Jesus was not distracted by the palm-waving crowds as he made his triumphal entry into Jerusalem. He kept his eyes on that hill outside the city where in a few days he would be crucified. Similarly, we are to also resist distractions from our godly callings and remain focused on the cross.