Free from Fear

Jamie discloses some of his earliest childhood fears as he explains that Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to comfort us and free us from the torment of fear.

How to Win Over Fear

God realizes that we live in a world that is filled with fear. But he has given us a way to overcome that fear. And that is to combat the author of fear itself, Satan. We have the authority to rebuke Satan, and he will flee from us. And as he goes, so goes our fears.

Meeting God at Every Corner

Life is full of changes, corners to take, events to walk through. Yet, around every corner, God is there waiting for us. He is with us now and He is there ahead of us. We have nothing to fear, because He is always with us.

Released From Fear

Jamie, with the assistance of two of his grandchildren, demonstrates how Christians are to be child-like in our approach to God, and in doing so we can be fearless, because God is love and perfect love casts out fear.

Releasing Fear

All throughout the Bible God is telling his people to not be afraid. God wants to break the stronghold our fears have on us. He is calling to us to look to Jesus and to break the bondage fear has on our lives. Stop focusing on our problems and start looking to Jesus.