God’s Ways Are Good Ways

Our human nature wants to have things our own way. As a result, Jamie explains in this Christmas message, we are blinded to the abundant life God wants for us. If we will turn and flow with Him, however, He will bring HIs divine purpose for us to pass.  Only His way — not ours — is good.

God Erases Scars

We have a choice on what we fix our mind on. I can fix it on things that are wrong or I can fix it on things that are right. Why allow yourself to focus on the scars of your life when you have so many other areas of healings and good things God has done for you?

Good Will Come (Why Didn’t I?)

Using the story and example of Abigail from 1 Samuel, Jamie gives four specific spiritual truths that will help anyone who is having to live with bad decisions from our past. God will take our previously bad decisions and work them for our eventual good once we place our lives in His hands.

Remember, Repent, Rejoice

Jamie teaches that God wants you to remember what He has done for you. And as you remember, you will repent. You will repent of not believing and not trusting him. So remember His goodness. Remember how He has met you in every tough place in your life. He has never deserted you or let you down. No matter how tough the situation has been, He has been there before you. So rejoice. He is with you even now.

The Essentials (For Hearing God)

Jamie teaches on our need to obey the commands of God and how we must not rely on the fact we just go to church as our salvation, but we must go to God. Is it easier to listen to a man talk to us than it is to hear directly from God ourselves? We can listen to a preacher week after week and remain in disobedience to God. But when we approach God, directly, as He desires us to do, He will require obedience.

The Kingdom is Yours

Jamies teaches on the goodness of God and his purpose of us all to receive the Holy Spirit