Shibbeloth: Are You Spirit-Filled?

We must be careful in judging others who do things differently. The charismatic movement should not be an exclusive club. Christians should live in unity. The only legitimate question to ask is, Is Jesus Christ your Lord?


Satan achieves his purposes by creating division amongst believers and splitting the body of Christ. But God desires unity in the body, and we, as Christians, need to desire the same thing.

God Is For Us

We need a better understanding of who God is. The thing that divides us most is that we don’t really know God, and yet we impose our flawed thinking on others.

Unity in the Spirit

Using the text from Acts 1 and 2, Jamie talks about the need for unity in the body of Christ — as the early church was in unity — if we are to expect a move of the Holy Spirit in our midst. Churches must be willing to overlook minor differences and come together as one.

Are You Serious About Jesus?

Jamie discusses the AIDS epidemic (from a 1986 perspective) and asks the question: How are we as Christians supposed to deal with it? He then moves into the aspect of the Church needing to unify. Only in unity can we successfully combat the schemes of the devil.

Crushed into Wine

Jamie talks abou the importance of unity in the body of Christ, especially when crisis comes.

How to Handle the Future

Unity in the body of Christ is vital for evangelizing the world. Teaching from John 17:20-23, Jamie impresses the importance of the body of Christ coming into a covenant relationship with one another as did the early churches in the New Testament.

Preparing His Bride

God is purposefully shaking His church in preparation for the end times. He is also bringing us into unity and giving his followers a safe harbor, and it’s all for His glory.

The Church in the Home

How do we as Christians know we are in togetherness? The fruit of our unity is being able to hear from God and act in agreement, following the spirit as God speaks, and staying attune to his every new direction.