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Jamie Buckingham Sermon Series #7

We live in a culture that has set a very high standard for beauty.  But what if you are not beautiful? What if you are short, wear thick glasses, or don’t fit into designer jeans?  What if everyone turns the other way when you walk by?  What if you are plain—or just plain ugly?

In this booklet, based on a popular sermon, Jamie pokes fun at himself and our cultural definitions of beauty as he asks the question: How does God see us? Jamie introduces us to Leah, a woman in the Bible who was not only unattractive; she also had a beautiful sister—and they were both married to the same man!  This is the story of how Leah came to know God’s acceptance and love, despite her less-than-perfect outward appearance and her always-second-place social status.  It’s also a story about you and me and the rest of the ugly people in the world—and the overriding truth that God looks beyond our physical imperfections to see our heart.


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