When Your Prayers Go UnansweredWhen Your Prayers Go Unanswered

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Jamie Buckingham Sermon Series #3

Jamie shares what we as Christians are to do when it turns out that God’s plan for our life is different from our hopes or our dreams. What does the Bible say about facing this reality? What do the scriptures tell us about trials and tribulations that we experience? What happens when things go wrong? How do we overcome the great disappointments in life?

Jamie’s unique ability to tell a story that touches our deepest wounds, comes from his personal experiences, his own disappointments, and his faith that God is a loving, kind and giving God. This message will touch your spirit and help heal your hurts and disappointments.

Jamie reveals scriptural truths that prove, despite our disappointments or sense that our prayers are unanswered, God has a better plan than we could have ever hoped for ourselves.


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