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Turning Back Your Enemy — Jamie shares about the recurrence of cancer in his body. Yet, he knows God has a plan for him, a triumphal procession, as Paul called it, for when things don’t go the way you wanted them to go, as was often the case with Paul. (April 7, 1991)


How to Win Over Fear — God realizes we live in a world that is filled with fear. But he has given us a way to overcome that fear. And that is to combat the author of fear itself, Satan. We have the authority to rebuke Satan, and he will flee from us. And as he goes, so goes our fears. (July 22, 1990 pm)


The Land that has no Paths — There is no map or chart for any of us to follow in this life. It is like a land with no paths. All we have is God’s word and his presence. That’s the only chart we have. If we will put our hand in the hand of Jesus, he will walk with us, step by step, guiding us throughout our life. (July 22, 1990 am)


Take the Offensive — This is Jamie’s last message before undergoing major surgery to remove his cancerous kidney. We must stay under God’s covering, he said, walk with Him in obedience. We are to resist the devil by taking the offensive, not allowing Satan to be the one to call the shots. (July 29, 1990)


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Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner — Jamie teaches on the story of Zacchaeus and the fact that Jesus loves all people regardless of our faults or imperfections. (February 11, 1990)


Easter in the Park — Jamie preaches to an Easter morning outdoor gathering of the Tabernacle on the death of Jesus and his resurrection. (April 15, 1990)


Walk Together — Jamie teaches that God did not send Jesus to condemn the world, but to save the world. And as such, we need to follow his example and not condemn others. He then asks the question, so how should we treat people, especially other Christians, who we disagree with doctrinally? Should we and how do we maintain fellowship with them? (May 6,1990)


Source of Life – Jamie teaches on what to do when you receive bad news. This message is taken from his sermon the week after he received his diagnosis of inoperable cancer. (July 1, 1990)


Helpless But Not Hopeless – Jamie teaches on the need for Christians to stop being critical of each other and instead to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ. (July 8, 1990)


Believing God — Just weeks after his cancer diagnosis, Jamie teaches what he heard from God. He states that we are not to give God orders. We are not to tell God what to do. Don’t claim healing, claim God. Want God only, then trust Him to do what He wants to do. God does not want to hurt us or scare us. Trust God and fear not. (July 15, 1990 am)


How to Win Through Prayer — Just two weeks after receiving his diagnosis of inoperable cancer, Jamie discusses how his new found understanding of prayer has given him the strength he needed to get through that tough time. (July 15, 1990 pm)


The Path to Glory — Regardless of where you are, God will meet you in the midst of your adversity because he has something for you. But if you remain determined to go your own way, he loves you enough to turn you loose. But God has a good path for each of us if we will only listen and obey. God wants to bless us if we will let him. (September 9, 1990)


If God Lives in You — Because of Calvary we are co-heirs with Jesus and we bear the name of God. All he has is also ours to have. (September 23, 1990)


Time Fulfilled – Jamie teaches on the mysteries of death and the fact that each of our lives are in the hands of God. (September 30, 1990)


Crushed into Wine – Jamie demonstrates the importance of the unity of the body of Christ when crisis comes. (November 4, 1990)


Come Quickly Lord Jesus – Jamie discusses several simple things the Bible says about end times and the second coming of Jesus. (December 2, 1990)


God With Us — In this Christmas message, Jamie teaches how God is seeking communion with us. In fact, He wants a relationship with us more than we could ever want one with him. And Christmas is His expression of making that personal relationship with Him come to pass. And with that relationship comes everything He has for us from heaven. (December 23, 1990)


The Holy Spirit’s Work Today — Jamie teaches on the work of the Holy Spirit in the world today and how we will receive His power in times of trouble. (January 6, 1991)


A God of History and Purpose — God’s plan is to fulfill biblical prophecy. When Israel became a nation in 1948 that was fulfilling prophecy and now millions of Jews live there. God also has a plan for each of us. (January 20, 1991)


Sexual Immorality and Restoration in the Church — Using the text from 1 Corinthians 5, Jamie discusses how to handle sexual immorality and more importantly, restoration, in the church. He then goes on to talk about legal disagreements in the body using the text from 1 Corinthians 6. (January 27, 1991)


Preparing His Bride — God is purposefully shaking His church in preparation for the end times. He is also bringing us into unity and giving his followers a safe harbor, and it’s all for His glory. (February 3, 1991)


Don’t Waster Your Pain — Do you know that God has a purpose for your pain? He knows all of our troubles and He has a purpose for everything that happens to us. Trust God. He is at work in your life. (March 24,1991)


Surprised by Joy — In this Easter service message, Jamie teaches on the death and resurrection of Jesus. He shares about the significance of Mary anointing Jesus’ feet with expensive perfume the week before his crucifixion and how it was she who Jesus “surprised” along the pathway on the morning of his resurrection. (March 31, 1991)


I Believe God — We have a hard time believing God in this day and age. We hope and we wish, but that is not the same as believing God and believing in His faithfulness. Jesus taught us to come to him as would a little child, stand on the Word of God, and just believe. (May 5, 1991)


What is That to You?Jamie shares six lessons about dying and how Christians glorify God not only in life but through our death as well. “The way or method of a person’s death is immaterial if that person is following Jesus,” Jamie says. “All that matters is if we are following Jesus.” (May 12, 1991)


Catholic and Pentecostal — When I was a young boy my parents said there were two types of people to stay away from – Catholics and Pentecostals. But as I have grown in the Spirit, I now realize that you are my brother or sister if you call Jesus Lord and Savior and are committed to following His ways. (May 19, 1991)


Hear the Voice of God — The Christian is dialed in to hear the voice of God. The problem is there is a lot of other noise out there and we can’t seem to tune it out. We must find ways to eliminate the extraneous noises of life so we can clearly hear the voice of the Lord. (June 2, 1991)


Be Who You AreIn a Father’s Day message and using Jonah as an example, Jamie says “our purpose on earth is to be made into the image of Jesus. When you understand that, you understand that everything that happens to you has a purpose — to conform you to the image of Christ.” (June  16, 1991)


A Different Kingdom – Jamie teaches that we are part of the Kingdom of God, breaking forth, and following our Shepherd to minister to the world. (July 21, 1991)


Believe God — Physical healing is part of the atoning work of Jesus. Faith is believing that when God speaks He always speaks truth. If you believe what God says, then the promises of God are yours: Promises of healing and promises of prosperity. It shall be on earth as it is in heaven when we believe God. (September 1, 1991)


Snake Bit Discontentment is terrible. In fact, the Bible indicates that if you are discontent, you are without faith and sinning. God knows where you are. He has you where you are for a purpose and He has a plan for your life. (September 8, 1991)


Building Family – Jamie teaches on building our family and establishing a true community of God. (September 29, 1991)


No Excuses — Jamie discusses the costs and sacrifices necessary to truly be a follower of Jesus. “God never works on changing our behavior,” Jamie says. “God works on changing our desires. And once our desires are changed, we will do what God wants us to do. That is why following Jesus is risky living.” (October 13, 1991) 


Crisis — How do you not be afraid when the worst crisis hits you? If you are where God wants you to be , there is no need to fear. And if you are where he wants you to be, it’s God business what happens. He is in charge of your life. (November 10, 1991)


The Spirit of Adoption — Jamie teaches that God as adopted us into the Kingdom of God as children of God, joint heirs with Christ. (December 1, 1991)


Acquiring the Presence of God — Our purpose on earth is to love God, enjoy his presence and allow him to enjoy us. He wants a relationship with us. That is his great desire. All we need to do is recognize him and participate in the presence of God through our prayer life. (December 22, 1991)


Remember, Repent, Rejoice — Jamie teaches that God wants you to remember what He has done for you. And as you remember, you will repent. You will repent of not believing and not trusting him. So remember His goodness. Remember how He has met you in every tough place in your life. He has never deserted you or let you down. No matter how tough the situation has been, He has been there before you. So rejoice. He is with you even now. (Dec. 29, 1991) — NOTE: You can also view the video of this teaching by clicking HERE!


Perseverance and God’s Faithfulness — Jamie teaches on the faithfulness of God and our need as His children to persevere in hard times. This is his last message at the Tabernacle Church before his death the following month. (January 5, 1992)