1970s Tabernacle Teachings

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Keeping Your Fountain Flowing — God has given us the fountain of life. However, it is in the spiritual realm. You can’t see it, taste it or smell it. But if your fountain is not clean, it can stop flowing and grow stagnant. Jamie identifies several issues that can block your spiritual fountain from flowing. (Jan. 16, 1977)


Divorce in the Kingdom — Jamie talks openly about what the Bible has to say about divorce. Divorce is not necessarily a sin, but it is an admission of failure which stems from sin. Divorce is like abortion. When two become one, it’s against Kingdom principles to break them apart. Yet the same God who forgives abortion will also heal wounds caused by divorce. (July 3, 1977)



Though He Slay Me — Here is the story of Job. Jamie teaches that despite how it seemed to Job, God never turned His back on him. He only removed His conscious presence for a time. Once God sets a person on a path, God may test that individual to see if he will continue to trust God or turn aside when times get hard. (Aug. 6, 1972)


How to Get Ready to Die — We all face death. It is inevitable. The scriptures say life is a mist that appears for a little while then vanishes.  But life as a Christian is really a process of learning how to be ready to die.  (Nov. 5, 1978)


The Purpose of God — God wants our life to be a whole, full, happy, abundant life. And the only way that will happen is when we draw close to God. And to draw close to God means our lives must forever be changing to align with His will. (Oct. 1978)


Abiding in the Shadow of the Almighty — Jamie asks five foundational questions regarding your walk with the Lord, then he moves on to teach on what it means to abide in the shadow of the Almighty. God wants to bring us to the place where there is nothing else we need but his presence. (Sept. 11, 1977)


We Must Go Back to Bethel — Jamie teaches on the story of Jacob and how, like Jacob, if we want God’s blessings restored in our lives, we must “return to our Bethel” and dwell with the Lord. He is just and will forgive us. (January 1972)


Victory over Sin — Jamie discusses 3 basic principles that will help us have victory over sin and achieve spiritual authority through Christ. (November 11, 1979) 


Discipleship — Jamie teaches on the concept of discipleship as a means of teaching or learning, but that the higher way is through divine revelation. Discipleship under Jesus is designed to bring us to an independent relationship with God the Father. (April 1977)


Having the Character of Christ — The essence of our Christian life is growing in the character of Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit working in us and He will do this for us, indeed, but we have to cooperate with Him. Plus, we must be informed and know what He intends to do so we won’t become discouraged when He uses some strange method to grow us up in His character. (August 14, 1977)


Keys to Answered Prayer — Jamie reveals 10 keys to answered prayer taken from the story of Hannah and her prayer for a son, found in 1st Samuel chapter one. Hannah’s desire for a child was to the point of desperation and her prayers and actions in faith resulted in her getting exactly what she asked God for. Jamie shares 10 specific keys to her successfully answered prayer. (July 24, 1977)


How to be a Christian in a Godless SocietyAs Christians on this earth we are in the midst of a godless society. All the world around us is under Satan’s power and his control. But we have a balm in the presence of the Holy Spirit and we can live in this world in victory and with joy. Let’s be very careful we don’t become judgmental but show forgiveness and the love of Christ to this fallen world.  (Feb. 12, 1978)


Hearing God on Mt. SinaiJamie teaches on our need to hear God. How do we hear his voice? God will make his presence known to us if we will only stop, be still, and listen. (June 1976)


Victory over Discouragement — Most of us, time to time, have a problem with discouragement. Jamie gives several key points, taken from 2 Corinthians chapter 4, how we, as Christians, can keep from being discouraged in our walk with Christ. (May 1977)


Who Does God Use?God will use you in the service of his kingdom right where you are today. It doesn’t matter that you have never been used before. God will use you now, if you let him, if you are fully willing to be used by him. If you are not afraid but you are trusting. All you have to do is to present yourself usable, just the way you are (May 1977).


Relinquishment of Control — There is something in each of us that says we can run our own life better than God can.  Yet, the call of God to his people is the call of the shepherd to his sheep. We are to humble ourselves before him, go where he tells us to go, do what he tells us to do, and be who he tells us to be. Jamie also teaches on the purpose of giving and tithing. (1975)


Conforming to the Image of God’s Son — God wants to do something incredible in our lives. He wants to burn out of us everything that is not pure. He wants us to be conformed to the image of Jesus. (Sept. 1976)


Talents Our talents are given to us by God. He expects us to use these talents, invest them, multiple them, and in doing so he will rewards us. Not to use our talents, out of fear or for any other reason, will cause our Lord to be greatly displeased, even to the point of calling us wicked and lazy (Matt. 25:26). (Nov. 1972)


God’s Provisioning — Man, by nature, is a greedy creature. We want more stuff. But God has commanded us to be content with the things we have. And he has promised that He will never leave nor forsake us. He will supply all of our needs. (July 1973)


Thanksgiving in the Pit – This is the story of Joseph son of Israel. Jamie teaches how we can be thankful even when bad things happen to us. Whether we are in the ‘pit of correction’ or in the ‘pit of curing’, the Lord our God is with us and He will not leave us alone as he shapes us and molds us to His image. (November 1976) Get the booklet based on this sermon here!


You are the Light of the World Jamie teaches that God has a plan and a purpose for your life. He is the one who has placed in your heart certain and specific dreams and ambitions to serve Him. From time to time we may need to re-cultivate the dreams God placed in our heart, look at those dreams and put aside all talk of impossible obstacles and soar once again in our concepts of what God wants for us — to be His light in this dark and fallen world. (Fall 1976)


God is in Control (Lessons from Habakkuk) — Jamie draws lessons for today from the book of Habakkuk. The Old Testament book is full of Habakkuk’s complaints yet it ends with a song. God teaches Habakkuk three critical spiritual lessons that are applicable for Christians today. (May 1976) Get the booklet based on this sermon here!


Lessons from the Ark — Jamie teaches on several lessons he had taken from the Ark of the Covenant and how we must not hold any other gods before the One True God, regardless of how sacred or personal that thing, or person, is to us. (April 1978)


How to Raise the Dead (Power over Death) — Jamie teaches that as Christians we are to walk into every situation, even the so called impossible ones, believing that God not only can change it, but desires to change it, even if we cannot see any possible way for it to happen. (January 1979)


The Essentials — Jamie teaches on our need to obey the commands of God and how we must not rely on the fact we just go to church as our salvation, but we must go to God. Is it easier to listen to a man talk to us than it is to hear directly from God ourselves? We can listen to a preacher week after week and remain in disobedience to God. But when we approach God, directly, as He desires us to do, He will require obedience. (January 1975)


Entering the Land – Stir up the Gift — As Christians we are to be separate from the world. God has given us the Holy Spirit, yet we must, as Paul says in 2 Timothy, “stir up the gift” or “fan into flame” the gift of God, so we may be fulfilled and victorious in our daily walk with Him. (January 9, 1977)


Crossing into Jordan — Jamie teaches that God wants us to experience peace, joy and happiness now. We don’t have to wait to die but Jesus paid the price for us to have an abundant life today. So many of us cross the Jordan but are unwilling to step further into the Promised land we have been given. God’s promises are available today but we must be willing to take them and make them ours. (January 2, 1977)


Clay in the Potter’s Hands — Jamie teaches on being useable to God and being pliable as He molds and shapes us to be who He wants us to be in the Kingdom. “Being used by God means being willing to be changed by God, to progress and move with Him. The usable person is the one who is flexible.” (August 1976).


Our Mission to Kiss Frogs — Jamie teaches from Exodus 3 and Moses’ encounter with God through the burning bush. He discusses how the life of every Christian is ordered by God and that nothing happens to the follower of Christ that does not first pass through the hands of God. He concludes with the thought that we are God’s ambassadors, often appearing in the lives of others as a “burning bush,” speaking to them of God’s love. (July 1978)


The Grandfather Clock — Jamie teaches on looking at life from the perspective of eternity and how God often places weights on each of us in order to develop a dependence on Him. (February 1976)


The Desires of Your Heart (Psalms 37) — Jamie teaches on Psalms 37 and how God gives us the desires of our heart as we follow Him. (May 1976)


Unity in the Body – Jamie discusses the importance of the fellowship of believers and keeping God ahead of our traditions. (March 1977)