This website is dedicated to Jamie Buckingham (1932-1992) and to preserving his written and spoken words for all generations to experience. His service to the work of the Lord has impacted numerous lives and influenced Christians all over the world. He wrote over 40 books, beginning in 1968 up to the time he died in Feb. 1992. While these may be what he is most remembered for by the Christians who read them, his ministry to the local church in Melbourne, Florida, and his love for Israel were where his heart was.

Please visit this site often as more and more of his materials will be posted as they become available. Currently we have over 800 audio cassette tapes of Jamie’s sermons from his church and many other locations all over the country. They are in various stages of being converted and edited for posting. We also have several multi-part video series that were originally filmed in Israel in the 1980s.

Many of Jamie’s books are in the process of being turned into e-books for the first time as well as updated paperback editions. You can access them under the books tab.

Through his writings and teachings, the hope for this web site is for all to be able to once again enjoy Jamie’s wisdom and powerful story telling abilities that always pointed us to Jesus and the Kingdom of God.

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