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These books by Jamie have been republished and are available for purchase at wholesale cost or as an e-book.

The books listed below are printed through a “print-on-demand” company called Createspace. We do not stockpile books. Each book is printed as it is ordered. Risky Living Ministries is not looking to profit on any of Jamie’s books or workbooks. We want to make them available to anyone who would like a copy at the lowest cost possible.

Now, for the first time, select sermons by Jamie have been turned into printed books and ebooks. The Jamie Buckingham Sermon Series can be found at  –Booklets from Sermons.

Every book is also available as an e-book on Kindle. A Kindle device is not required. You can easily download a FREE Kindle app for your computer or smartphone, then purchase the e-book and have it to read anytime.

Many books are also available as audio book. See the links below.

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**NEW** Summer of Miracles

Power For Living

The Brightness of Your Rising

 Spiritual Maturity

A Spirit-led Life

The Last Word

Booklets from Sermons

Armed for Spiritual Warfare

The Truth Will Set You Free…But First It Will Make You Miserable!

Where Eagles Soar

10 Parables of Jesus

Into the Glory 

10 Miracles of Jesus

Coping with Criticismbooks 3.6.15

Bible People Like Me 

Risky Living

A Way Through the Wilderness

The Nazarene

Jesus World  

Thoughts from the Heart of God 

Some Gall

Pits Along the Road to Glory

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