God is in Control: Eternal Lessons from Habakkuk

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Jamie Buckingham Sermon Series #1


It is difficult for many of us today to imagine living in a nation without religious freedoms. But that is what Habakkuk had to endure. When he took his complaints to God, you might be surprised at God’s response. With three swift replies God tells this Old Testament prophet that He, God, is in complete control and he should stop worrying. It is a timeless message not only for Habakkuk and his nation that is about to be run over by a ruthless enemy, but a message for the church today.

Through this teaching you will better understand what God means when he says the just shall live by faith and God is indeed in control of this world.

It is an eternal message for the ages, relevant for today’s church and the issues we now face in society.

Yet, as Jamie states, a book that begins with a cry, ends with a song, as God speaks to Habakkuk and comforts him.

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