Free from Fear

Jamie discloses some of his earliest childhood fears as he explains that Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to comfort us and free us from the torment of fear.

Test of 13 Questions

Here are 13 questions about who we are in Christ that we, as believers, should be able to answer. But do we really believe the answers?


Satan achieves his purposes by creating division amongst believers and splitting the body of Christ. But God desires unity in the body, and we, as Christians, need to desire the same thing.

Hold No Bitterness

We are to hold no bitterness in our hearts towards anyone. To hold on to bitterness not only binds us and prevents God’s healing power from flowing through us; it also binds the ones we feel bitter towards.

Unhewed Stones

The Bible is given to us not as a book of rules — we can’t keep the rules. But it is given to us to reveal the nature and character of God.

Concepts of Covenant

Jamie discusses the concept of the salt covenant and how it relates to marriage in the Scriptures.

What is Holiness?

Jamie asks, What is holiness? How are we as Christians set apart from the world? What is it that makes us different?

Genuine Christianity

Jamie tells the story of finding an old wrench in the desert and cleaning it up. Like that rusted wrench, God will take you off the junk pile, clean you up, and turn you into the person He always intended you to be.

Stand Firm in the Midst of Adversity

All throughout the scriptures we read of God’s people facing adversities. But through tough times God wants his people to stand firm. God doesn’t intend for his people to be crushed by problems. So when you are hit by circumstances in life, remember God doesn’t intend for you to stay down, but through the power of the Holy Spirit, you can and will rise back up.