10 Parables of Jesus


God has many ways of teaching us. Jesus taught by example. Men looked at how He lived, and decided to walk that way also. He also taught by precept, speaking directly to people, in a way we might call teaching today.

But his favorite way of teaching was through the use of the parable. He loved to tell stories — stories with spiritual meanings. In the fall of 1987, Jamie visited Israel with a camera crew. He had obtained permission from the Israeli government to set up cameras at ten of the sites where Jesus told his best-known parables. There he re-told, on location, these marvelous stories. Jamie had long suspected Jesus used visual objects when telling His parables. When He told the story of the Good Shepherd, He pointed to a shepherd with his flock of sheep in a nearby pasture. When He told the parable of the sower and the seed, He was probably sitting on a rock beside a field where a farmer was sowing his spring seed. Jesus was a man of the earth, and He used earthly things to convey spiritual truth.

In this book, Jamie tells us about 10 of Jesus’ most notable parables and relates them to our lives today. It’s a wonderful book, full of truth and wisdom. It’s sure to be a favorite of anyone who loves a good story, as Jesus did.

Endorsements for 10 Parables of Jesus – Poking Holes in Religious Balloons:

“Jamie has a gift for painting word pictures that seem so real you could almost live in them. I am very impressed with what he has done in this book. As I read these parables, I feel as if I know God — how He feels, how much He loves me, how much He wants me to be secure in His love. Thank you Jamie, for letting us see Jesus.” — Marilyn Hickey

“Parables: Poking Holes in Religious Balloons challenged my mind and inspired my spirit. It provides a thoroughly enjoyable journey straight to the heart of Christ’s parables. It takes a great storyteller to understand these great stories. Jamie not only understands them, but makes sure we understand them too.” — Judson Cornwall