Live Life to the Fullest

Jesus said He came so we can have life to the fullest. He is talking about the restoration of that life which was ours originally but was stolen by Satan. It all boils down to our having authority, through Jesus Christ, over Satan.

Crossing into Jordan

Jamie teaches that God wants us to experience peace, joy and happiness now. We don’t have to wait to die but Jesus paid the price for us to have an abundant life today. So many of us cross the Jordan but are unwilling to step further into the Promised land we have been given. God’s promises are available today but we must be willing to take them and make them ours.

Who Are You?

In order to move forward with your relationship with God you must know two spiritual keys: 1, you must know who God is; and 2, you must know who you are. These things must be firmly planted in you mind for you to move forward and grow spiritually.