The bitter root causes us to miss the grace of God. It is the very heart of disunity in the church.


Jamie shares a story from Acts 8 about Simon the sorcerer who was full of bitterness. After he repents, he is able to be used by God.

Hold No Bitterness

We are to hold no bitterness in our hearts towards anyone. To hold on to bitterness not only binds us and prevents God’s healing power from flowing through us; it also binds the ones we feel bitter towards.

Pulling up Bitter Roots

Speaking to a gathering in Phoenix, Jamie shares on the principle that if you are going to be effective as a Christian, you must have a clean heart, without bitterness toward anyone. If you have bitterness or forgiveness, God will give you the ability to forgive that person and pull up that bitter root which entangles you.

Qualifications for Ministry

Who is fit or unfit for the ministry? Jamie talks about Simon the Sorcerer from Acts 8. Because of the bitterness in his heart he was rebuked by Peter and John and not allowed to minister. Even though he had become a Christian and was baptized, he still had bitterness and that is what disqualified him to minister.