Leadership Conference

Jamie discusses his understanding of who a leader is and what a leader’s role in the body of Christ should be. He also talks about the role of the “home church.”

Unity in the Spirit

Using the text from Acts 1 and 2, Jamie talks about the need for unity in the body of Christ — as the early church was in unity — if we are to expect a move of the Holy Spirit in our midst. Churches must be willing to overlook minor differences and come together as one.

Catholic and Pentecostal

When I was a young boy my parents said there were two types of people to stay away from – Catholics and Pentecostals. But as I have grown in the Spirit, I now realize that you are my brother or sister if you call Jesus Lord and Savior and are committed to following His ways.

Church and State

We are citizens of two worlds. The U.S. is not a Christian nation because there is no such thing as a Christian nation in this world. We are called out of the world and God’s kingdom is within each of us. It’s not a matter of politics.

Common Sense and Sea Shells

Jamie explores the parable of the 10 virgins. The real lesson in this parable is everybody needs spiritual reserves. Will we have enough to stand and wait or will our spiritual reserves run out when crisis hits? Expand your capacity and develop spiritual character.

Four Things to Stop Us

When asked how a church can avoid falling out of the will of God, Jamie lists four things, dangers to beware of, that could lead a church, and individuals, astray.

God is Shaking the Church

We must expect God to shake His church. Our challenge is to lay down everything ungodly. Because if we don’t lay it down, God may just will forcefully remove it. God doesn’t want people building their own kingdoms. He wants people who are willing to build the kingdom of God.

The Challenge of the Impossible

At a Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship retreat on Jekyll Island, Georgia, Jamie shares how the church, God’s people, must be ready and willing to move when God moves. We must be willing to forego our traditions if that is what is holding us back from a deeper relationship with God.