Looking for My Father

In the heart of every man and woman is the desire to know and be known by God. The only way we will find Him is through personal revelation.

Here is Your Mother

In this mother’s day message, Jamie references the words of Jesus on the cross telling John to take care of His mother. “If the Christian gospel has any meaning at all” Jamie states. “It means family is forever. It must be a priority for us to honor our parents as they grow older.”

Honoring our Parents

In this Mother’s Day message, Jamie shares of the importance and benefits of honoring our parents as commanded by God. We should make things right with our parents and that may start by forgiving them. God will honor your efforts as you honor your parents.

Priorities for Fathers

Jamie teaches on making proper choices when it comes to setting proper priorities for families. He lists six key points important to maintaining a Godly approach when raising a family that is pleasing to the Lord.

The Complete Family

How quickly material things can divide families. But if you are truly unified in the spirit, material things don’t make any difference. If we walk in the light of Jesus our families will be united.

The Spirit of Adoption

Jamie teaches that God as adopted us into the Kingdom of God as children of God, joint heirs with Christ.