Closing the Door

Two things are necessary for a bush to burn in your life, as it did for Moses. First, you must have an open door to the future God has for you; and second, you must close the door to your past. Don’t allow past experiences to hinder you from hearing God and moving forward into the life He has prepared.

A Burning Bush

Discovering the burning bush was a life-changing event for Moses. He was able to hear God for two reasons: He had an open door the the future, and he had closed the door to his past. God loves you and has a plan and purpose for you, just as He did for Moses. Will you hear Him when He speaks?

Hearing God

Jamie states that the task of a preacher is not to bring people to God, but to bring God to the people. He discusses the importance of being quiet before the Lord, along with other principles for accurately hearing God.

Wholly Following the Lord

This is the story of Caleb and his lifelong desire to follow the Lord, no matter how difficult the battles that lay ahead.

A Sound Mind

God intends for us to think clearly so when He speaks we will hear him and do as He instructs. We are to allow the Holy Spirit to renew our minds so we can be a whole person, free from past influences, and not mired down with garbage from the past.

At the Lord’s Command

God is trying to get through to each of us, to simply hear His voice, follow Him and do what He tells us to do. There are many things God wants us to do. He loves us and has a purpose for our lives. He has things for us to do, things that will bless us and prosper us if we will only hear His voice and follow Him.

Ears for God’s Messages

God expects the body of Christ to work together. We are to accept for ourselves messages from prophets, apostles, evangelists, preachers and teachers. Jamie concludes with three specific things God wants for each of us.

Hear the Voice of God (Jesus is that You?)

The Christian is dialed in to hear the voice of God. The problem is there is a lot of other noise out there and we can’t seem to tune it out. We must find ways to eliminate the extraneous noises of life so we can clearly hear the voice of the Lord.

Hearing God

We are different. And the thing that makes us different is we are tuned to a different Lord than the lord of this world. We listen to a different voice than that of the world. It is our task to hear God and obey Him, even if we appear out of step with the world around us.

Hearing God on Mt. Sinai

Jamie teaches on our need to hear God. How do we hear his voice? God will make his presence known to us if we will only stop, be still, and listen.

Listen to the Crickets

Jamie talks about how we need to be still and learn to listen for the voice of God. There is nothing more exciting than to hear God and act on what he is saying.

People Who Hear God

Our only task as a Christian is to hear God and to obey Him and sometimes all that means is to simply be available to, “keep the door open,” for His Holy Spirit to do His work.


In one of his earliest recorded messages, Jamie shares about his recent walk in the woods where God spoke to him at a reflection pond, of the truth about a kernel of wheat falling to the ground and dying so it can produce greater fruit; of how we must also be like that seed in order to glorify God.